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How Technology Is Making Travel Safer Than Ever

Safety is always a concern when traveling, especially for those who like to travel alone. Whether traveling within your home country or exploring abroad, there are different risks that you need to take into account wherever you go. Even in the safest places, being unfamiliar with the area or recognizable as a tourist could be enough to make you feel unsafe. Fortunately, there are always things you can do to keep yourself as safe as possible. One of the steps any traveler can take is to benefit from the various types of technology that help to improve traveler safety. Some of this tech is built into the infrastructure that you use or offered by service providers, while other technology is more personal tech that you can choose to use yourself.


Technology is helping to make the travel industry safer than it has ever been. There are all types of tech that are transforming travel safety in different ways so that people everywhere can travel without concern. Recent developments have ranged from changes to airport security to mobile apps that are designed to help people travel safely. If you want to make sure you’re safe while you’re traveling, looking at how technology can help will give you reassurance and the confidence to travel however and wherever you want to.

Some advancements in travel technology are being made through government investment. In the US, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has recently announced that $52 million in grants is being given to eight states as part of the Advanced Transportation Technology and Innovation (ATTAIN) program. The grants are designed to support technology-based solutions to enhance the travel experience of people using highway and transit systems, in particular helping communities that have previously lacked investment in this area. The projects include advancements in intelligent transportation systems.

Elsewhere, new airport security is changing travel safety in the UK. The government has set a deadline of June 2024 for airports to implement new security technology so that they will be able to end the 100ml limit on liquids in carry-on luggage. Airports will be introducing cutting-edge technology, with an aim to not only reduce security threats but also speed up the security process for passengers. Screening equipment such as CT X-ray technology and threat detection algorithms has been tested in a number of trials and will be used to enhance safety across airports in the UK.

Mobile technology is obviously one of the top types of tech that makes travel so much safer than it used to be. Both individuals and businesses can make use of mobile tech to stay in touch with others, get travel updates, navigate their way around almost any location, and more. Travel businesses can improve the safety of their services through better contact with their employees. Text-Em-All, the mass texting service, highlights emergency notifications as one of the key ways their services are being used by businesses across different industries. Emergency notifications can be useful to send to staff or even customers in the travel industry. There are many events where something could go wrong or there might be a last-minute change. Businesses are able to keep people up to date on weather conditions, natural disasters, travel updates, and more.


The use of mobile apps is a popular way to help people stay safe while traveling. Some of these apps are designed to enhance travel safety in general, while others are aimed at helping particular communities and demographics have a safer travel experience. Personal safety travel apps include the likes of Smart Traveler, an app created by the US Department of State to provide foreign travel advice, Emergency App from the American Red Cross, and location-sharing apps such as Bsafe and Life360. Black people looking to travel safely can find a number of apps designed to meet their needs, including the travel review site Green Book Global. Women can benefit from apps designed for them too, including Tourlina, which helps female travelers to connect with each other.

People traveling for pleasure aren’t the only ones who can keep themselves safe through the use of technology. Business travelers also have a range of tools at their disposal. The risk management company Healix recently launched a new tool called Travel Safe, which provides automated assessments of travel risks, including medical, logistical, and security problems that could occur. Users can complete a questionnaire and receive a risk assessment, as well as advice on how to mitigate health and safety risks during their trip. Employers can also view the outcomes of employee assessments through a dedicated portal. The service is even designed to help businesses comply with the ISO 31030 global standard for business travel risk.


Technology itself can sometimes be the very thing that puts a traveler in danger. Fortunately, it can also be used to prevent these problems. Travelers need to be cautious when it comes to using technology abroad, especially if they want to protect their identity and their finances. Using shared networks or being inattentive with their personal tech can lead to problems. One of the main ways many travelers stay safe when using their phones, laptops, or other devices online is to use a VPN (virtual private network), which helps to keep their data safe.

Even public transport can be safer thanks to the use of technology. Collision warning technology from Bosch makes tram networks safer and is being used in Europe and Australia. The technology uses a rail control unit, a multi-purpose camera, and a mid-range radar sensor, which all work together. The system uses artificial intelligence to help support tram drivers and make their journeys safer. The tech was developed from technology that was first developed for passenger cars. The video sensor monitors the track, as well as any vehicles or people that might appear. The radar sensor monitors both mobile obstacles and static hazards, and the control unit processes information from both.

Technology is helping to make the experience of traveling all over the world safer than it has ever been. Travelers of all types can gain peace of mind, knowing that tech is helping them remain safe.

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