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How to Get Your First Audience on Instagram


As a rule, Instagram, like any other social network, is the most difficult to gain the first few thousand subscribers. This is due to the fact that people rarely subscribe to small accounts, because they do not trust them and think that they will soon stop posting. However, if you still have a small audience, then you do not need to be upset.

Today we will tell you about how you can quickly gain your first audience and take a confident step in the development of your account.

Contacting specialists

Many aspiring creators find it very easy to succeed on social media without anyone’s help. Usually they have this opinion because they learned about the experience of bloggers who became famous in 2014-2015. You should not rely on the experience of people who were engaged in promotion a few years ago. Now the algorithms work differently and the platform is radically different from what it was a long time ago.

In a highly competitive environment, due to the popularity of the social network, it is now very difficult for newcomers to attract the first few thousand viewers. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you buy Instagram followers on a dedicated website to get a quick career start. Only by using this opportunity you can easily improve your profile statistics due to the arrival of new people.

Ask your followers to tag you

It will be easier for you to promote your blog if you sell a product or service. Users will be able to upload photos to their profile and tag your account, which will be displayed on your page. Reviews from customers always help people to start trusting you faster.

For an ordinary blogger who does not own an online store, the best option for selling goods is to launch his own merchandise collection. It can be T-shirts, mugs, bracelets or backpacks. To properly build a project launch strategy, you need to invite experts who have experience in production and sales to cooperate.

After you have developed a strategy, you can recruit an audience so that you have potential customers. To do this, contact Viplikes — they will help you quickly and for a low price to increase the number of viewers. In the future, you can start selling your merchandise and wait for applications from buyers.

Do not feud with other bloggers

Of course, many use hostility and conflicts with other bloggers as a hype and get a lot of profit from it. However, this is usually a short-lived situation because people quickly get tired of watching people swear for no particular reason. It is much more profitable to maintain good relations with different creators.

You might find this useful if you ever want to collaborate with someone or arrange free mutual advertising. Such cooperation is possible only if you have not spoiled relations with any of your colleagues and always treat them with respect. Many refuse to work with those who often participate in public conflicts.


The hardest part of any job is the beginning. If you want to promote your blog on Instagram, then you need to carefully consider your work plan and gradually start taking action. Use our tips and reach your goal!

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