How To Grow Ginger Indoors [Step-by-Step] – Top 10 TIPS

2. Plant the roots into containers


Cut the root (rhizome) into smaller pieces, each should have a growth bud on them and plant them all. Make sure to use really good soil, a good potting mix. It must be rich enough to feed your ginger it must be free draining but it has to hold moisture.

Choose a shallow and wide pot or a larger container, depending on how many roots you are planting. Fill the container nearly full with soil and plant the ginger an inch or two beneath the soil. Make sure that the eye buds are facing up!

17 comments On How To Grow Ginger Indoors [Step-by-Step] – Top 10 TIPS

  • Hi there

    I love ginger and didn’t realize just how easy it is to grow. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am going to grow my own ginger now.

  • Thank you for the article/instruction on growing ginger. I have some every day. I make a tea out of ginger for my stomach.

    I am definitely going to do this in the next week.

  • I followed your tips earlier this summer and now I have 2 kinds of Edible Ginger & Turmeric growing in my Brooklyn apartment.

  • I definitely have to add ginger to my array of houseplants. Great to hear it doesn’t need much light, as I have run out of window space.

  • I will try it tomorrow. thanks for your article.

  • Love it! It seems so simple. Definitely trying it now that I know how to. I’m an avid ginger lover and your Article was a big help. Thanks so much.

  • Thank you so much! I like ginger very much, and I have stomach problems so I use it for making a tea every mornig with very good Greek hony! But some times I could not afford it… So now this is solved! If I understood well after planting it, id grows on the side more ginger-kids?

  • Did the article end right after the soaking instructions? I could not find anything about how to plant it, what kind of soil, how often to water, etc.

    Please advise.

  • Turmeric roots seem pretty similar visually to ginger roots and can be grown the same way. ^_^

  • Thank you for information about ginger growing.i will try it now.

  • Thank you for the ginger root inst. Mine is growing nicely on the patio.when should I bring it indoors?.

  • I started a plant but have it out doors. The leaves are growing out. However I did not know the part about soaking the ginger 2-3 hours so I think I will try another set and grow them indoors this time. Thank you

  • I don’t understand, how a root of ginger will yield many under soil and how to remove them. Could you please add them as well.

  • why is this a slide show?!?! so annoyyyyyying!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I started growing ginger 3 weeks ago in doors and I now have little horns on them. It’s still kinda cold at nights so they will stay inside for now. I love cooking with ginger. I do have a question regarding ginger water and my cats. My cats love drinking water with ginger in it, is it safe for them?

  • It’s not only perfectly safe for your furball to eat ginger, but it can also be beneficial to it. Ginger or ginger root isn’t a typical dietary supplement for cats. … You can grate small amounts of ginger root into your pet’s food.

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