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Malaga In A Day: How To Experience The Best Of This Spanish City

Everyone knows Mardid and Barcelona. But have you heard of Malaga? It is a beautiful coastal city in the south of Spain with architectural, cultural and gastronomic wonders. The Mediterranean aura, the Andalusian heritage and the sun-kissed neighbourhoods create a stunning city that makes everyone fall madly in love with it. Even if you only have one day to spare in Malaga, you should go for it. This is not only your sign to go on a road trip to Malaga but also your guide to have the best time ever there. 

Best Time to Visit Malaga

The answer to this question mostly depends on travellers’ preferences. The safest answer would be spring or autumn. During these two seasons temperatures are pleasant, there is still abundant sunshine, and not many tourists are spotted in the area. For the record, summer is the peak season. This should not come as a surprise as Malaga lies by the sea. 

Getting around Malaga


The extensive bus network ensures that you can get to any part of the city you want safely and quickly. The installed air conditioning systems and the affordable bus fares are advantages that make the particular mode of public transport very popular. We have to mention that you can even opt for a tourist bus. 


People who prioritise comfort and safety are free to choose a taxi for their travels in Malaga. There are taxi stands in different parts of the city, or they can hail one as it passes them by on the street.

Bikes and Electric Scooters

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly option, you can go for a bike or an electric scooter. There are designated areas where these vehicles wait to be hired throughout the city.

Hire Cars 

Travellers who long to truly explore Malaga hire a car right away so that they do not waste even one minute on actions that do not broaden their knowledge and understanding of the city. The Malaga airport hosts many car hire companies. 

How can you hire a car at Malaga Airport? 

It is really easy! You can just book a car hire service at Malaga airport by Holiday Cars and experience the best of Malaga and the Costa del Sol. You can compare available vehicles and hire the one that satisfies all your travelling needs online. Cheap prices and transparent terms and conditions ensure that you stay within your budget. 

Top Attractions in Malaga

In Malaga you will get to see a mixture of ancient and modern attractions, all of which will leave a lasting impression. The fortress Alcazaba, the Roman Theatre, the old tavern Antigua Casa de Guardia, the bustling waterfront area Muelle Uno and Malagueta Beach certainly deserve a spot as the best attractions in Malaga. 

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