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Top 10 Marilyn Monroe Movies You Should Watch

Marilyn Monroe is the unforgettable blonde bombshell that was impossible not to love back in the ’50s and ’60s. She was really famous, and no man wasn’t crazy for her!

Unfortunately, this beautiful Hollywood lady died very young, at the age of 38. But, her glory didn’t end with her death in 1962 because the truth is, many years after it, people still love her.

We all know her quotes and her gorgeous white dress! Even though everyone knows her for the beauty she was, Marilyn got famous through acting. Her portfolio counts acting in more than 15 movies, and some of them were really popular back in the days.

If you wondered which of her movies to watch, you would find the best of them ahead. Make yourself some popcorn, get cozy with the blanket, and enjoy!

1. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes



Wondering where “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” comes from? Well, it’s exactly from this movie. Monroe plays the charming Lorelei Lee, a lounge singer who, together with her friend Dorothy goes to Paris. Based on the Broadway musical, Monroe sings the song while she wears the famous pink dress sold for $310,000 in 2010. Do you remember Madonna’s dress from Material Girl? This movie exactly inspires that part of the video!

2. Some Like It Hot



Monroe plays the adorable musician Sugar Kane Kowalczyk, who Joe and Jerry accompany. She sings in this one too – another famous song, “I wanna be loved by you.” So, if you’re into old Hollywood movies, Marilyn Monroe and something funny to watch, “Some like it hot” should be definitely on your list.

3. The Seven Year Itch



The Seven Year Itch is also a comedy in which Monroe plays the attractive neighbor to a man whose family went on a vacation. There is a scene in the movie with the white dress that Monroe wears in a subway, and that dress is the highest-paid dress ever!

4. How To Marry a Millionaire



The story is about three poor women who try to look rich to attract rich guys who would like to marry them. But, the end works differently for the three of them. The movie is funny, and Monroe is absolutely stunning with the eye cat!

5. The Misfits


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The Misfits is one of the last movies in which Monroe starred. It wasn’t a commercial success, but anyway, it received positive critics. Monroe falls for a cowboy in Nevada, and the screenplay is written by Arthur Miller, who was Monroe’s last husband.

6. Niagara



Thanks to this movie, Marilyn got her breakthrough in the Hollywood world of acting. Henry Hathaway directs the thriller, and it was the biggest box office hits of the year for Fox. Unlike many film noirs of that time, this one was filmed in Technicolor.

7. Bus Stop



In this 1953 movie, Marilyn plays the role of Cherie, a saloon singer who meets a cowboy that wants to marry her and take her to Montana. Monroe was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards as the best actress in a motion movie, but she did not win the award.

8. The Prince and The Snow Girl



The Prince and The Snowgirl was the only movie produced by Monroe’s company, Marilyn Monroe Productions. It’s a romantic comedy in which she plays Elsie Marina, a young woman who gets entangled in politics when the prince of a foreign country tries to seduce her.

9. Let’s Make Love



This is the last musical in which Monroe plays. She is the beautiful Amanda Dell, whose admirer is the billionaire Jean-Marc – Clement. The movie was a success (and how can it not be with Monroe in it?), but it received mixed critics. There were the compliments and the negative points.

10. Something’s Got To Give



This is the last movie in which Monroe’s fans can see her. Because of her death, the movie is also unfinished, and even from the beginning of the filming, it all started complicated due to Monroe’s personal problems. That’s the reason why Fox fired her, but soon after that, they re-hired her. After her death, the movie is abandoned.

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  1. Marilyn also produced “Bus Stop.” “Prince and the Showgirl” is the actual title of her movie; not Snowgirl.


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