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Top 10 Best Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

There is one place in everyone’s home we don’t know that exists, and we forgot that it should be cleaned every week or every second week… or we pretend that doesn’t exist because it can be exhausting and challenging for cleaning! It’s called a refrigerator! Do you remember that place for storing food?!

Yes, we agree that it’s hard and pretty difficult to keep that space clean but trust us, it’s a must because the food that stays there, you put directly in your mouth, and that’s the main reason why you should keep hygiene there; on the highest level!

We have a mission to make your life easier, and that’s why we’ve gathered 10 refrigerator cleaning tips that will help you to clean this place without a lot of effort and just for two hours. Follow every procedure for better results!

In the Beginning, You’ll Need an Empty Refrigerator



If you want to clean your refrigerator, then start at the same beginning and empty the entire contents of the fridge on the table, because that’s the only way you can make it free of dirt, marks, and mess at the same time!

Divide the Fridge into a Maximum of 7 Sections

The second step is to divide the fridge into a maximum of 7 sections, not more! For a better result, separate every movable part, like drawers and shelves, before you start the cleaning marathon!

Dump Sections in the Hall Bathroom Bathtub



Fill your tub with hot water and put some dishwashing liquid in there! After that, dump the movable parts into the water and leave it to soak for not less than 15 minutes!

Clean Every Section Carefully



After they’ve soaked, you won’t find it difficult to clean them easily and without an effort! Start with the cleaning procedure and use a sponge and take off all the dirt from every piece carefully!

Spray the Sections with 1/2 Ammonia and 1/2 Water

The next step is to spray all the refrigerator pieces with 1/2 Ammonia and 1/2 water. Leave them like that for just a few minutes and use a wet cloth to clean the spray from them! In the end, pour a large container of clean, hot water over it, and you’re done!

Drying Time!



It’s time to dry them well before you put them back in the fridge! So, put down some bath towels around your house (where you have space) and place all the sections there! Open all the windows for a faster result!

Top Up with a Fresh Deodorizer as Needed

Now, when they’re back in the fridge, you should use a fresh deodorizer for a better smell! Instead of buying, you can always make some on your own. Follow the instructions below, and you can’t go wrong!

Deodorize Idea Number One

The easiest way to make a deodorizer on your own is to use cotton balls with vanilla extract and clean the entire inside of the fridge with them! The smell of your fridge will be fantastic!

Deodorize Idea Number Two

The second idea for deodorizer is to keep an open container of charcoal briquettes in the fridge! Sounds easy and simple! It definitely is! Not to mention that you’ll always have a fresh smell when you open the refrigerator!

Organizing Phaze



The final phase is the refrigerator organization, which is probably the hardest but the most interesting challenge! Trust us, all you need are just a couple of bins you can find and buy for low price everywhere. They’re just perfect for storing all kinds of food!

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  1. everything sounds great !! the only part that ” i personally not like ” is the fact that i have to put all the part in the bath tub ( i mean …. ) and to dry the glass on bathroom towels . but besides this , lovely ! thx for the ideas


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