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Short-Term Or Long-Term Investment In Biltmore Residences Sufouh In Dubai

If we consider the purchase of real estate in Dubai as an investment, then it is important to decide – is this a long-term or short-term investment? Biltmore Residences Sufouh in Dubai, UAE can become a great choice for you in any case.

Property Investments In Dubai

There are two main investment types.

Long-term investments include the acquisition of an apartment or villa for rent. Here the main income is the rent paid by tenants in some predetermined period.

Short-term investments include the purchase of a property for further resale. For example, buying at the very beginning of the start of sales directly from the developer at a starting price, and then reselling at a higher cost. Income is the very difference that has formed between these actions. And liquidity here is the degree of ease of “exit” from the real estate, the speed of its sale at a price either close to the market price or higher than the market price. A truly liquid housing is easily converted into real money.

And here it is important to take into account the main feature of the Dubai real estate market – it is relatively affordable. 

  1. First, because of the cost of properties. In terms of price / quality ratio and in comparison with the housing prices in the European capitals, Dubai is an incredibly affordable city for buying housing.
  2. Secondly, the entrance is facilitated by profitable instalment programs. Foreigners can apply for a 0% instalment plan with a first instalment of 10%. Instalments can be combined with a mortgage, and moreover, even without paying the entire amount, you can apply for a residence permit of the Emirates. There are several types of interest-free instalments: rent with subsequent purchase and instalments for housing under construction. In the first case, the instalment plan is drawn up as a lease agreement with a subsequent change of ownership. Rent payments are charged above market rates. When the entire amount is paid, the property becomes the property of the tenant. In the second option, 50-70% of the cost of the property is distributed over the construction period, and the rest of the cost is paid after the housing is put into operation. Roughly speaking, the first income from investments in real estate can be received without paying the entire amount yet: rent or resell.

Property In Biltmore Residences Sufouh

A prestigious hotel brand will be in charge of managing Biltmore Residences Sufouh. The flawless hotel amenities will be available to all homeowners of the brand-new property. The facility will provide a variety of products and services, including personalised cooking of gourmet cuisine, cleaning and valet services, and more.

The complex’s innovative façade, which will turn the high-rise structure into a brand-new Dubai destination, is a significant asset. Professionals created the building’s interior design to please the eye of both complex inhabitants and visitors.

One of the benefits of the brand-new building is that it’s ideally situated close to the Persian Gulf shore, which will allow the apartments’ windows to provide breath-taking views of the ocean’s horizon.

Biltmore Residences Sufouh is not only a luxurious complex with a wide range of services and amenities, but also a popular destination for people who are looking for not just apartments, but exclusive accommodation in the heart of Dubai. But, as elsewhere, we cannot talk about exclusivity without an appropriate pricing policy. In this regard, the cost of apartments in this complex is available only for a certain group of people.

Real Estate Prices

The price policy at Biltmore Residences Sufouh is balanced, which makes it possible to find real estate here at prices corresponding to the status of the area and the prestige of the residential complex. Prices start at AED 2.7 million for a one-room apartment and go up to AED 7 million for a two-room luxury apartment with stunning sea and city views. But, regardless of the chosen apartment, the complex guarantees maximum comfort and services that will emphasize the prestigious status of housing.

Inside the apartments, every element has been carefully considered: high quality, modern design and the best materials.

Real Estate For Sale In Dubai

You may find a range of real estate options in luxurious housing developments on the website Simply visit their website, choose whether you want an apartment or a penthouse, and specify your budget. There must be something suitable for everyone, without a doubt!

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