Increasing Productivity: 5 Things To Implement For Success

Success and productivity

When it comes to productivity in the workplace, how productive are you? Do you feel like there are definitely areas you can improve on or certain employees who need more support to reach goals and targets? One report disclosed to the BBC suggested that only 13% of the workforce feel confident that they are getting … Read more

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

In the past few years we witnessed how fashion bloggers turned into real digital influencers. Many bloggers succeeded into making their name a brand, and that led them to many collaborations with some of the most famous fashion houses – from Louis Vuitton to Piaget. However, since for too many fashion is passion, nowadays the Internet is full … Read more

Top 10 History Movies You Will Love

Top 10 History Movies You Will Love | Top Inspired

Watching movies is one of the best things one can do during our free time. When you are tired from work and all other responsibilities, what’s better than relaxing yourself with movies and popcorn? There is plenty of choice on what to watch. There’s everything for anyone. If you prefer watching history movies, because hey, … Read more

Top 10 Marilyn Monroe Movies You Should Watch

Top 10 Marilyn Monroe Movies You Should Watch | Top Inspired

Marilyn Monroe is the unforgettable blonde bombshell that was impossible not to love back in the ’50s and ’60s. She was really famous, and no man wasn’t crazy for her! Unfortunately, this beautiful Hollywood lady died very young, at the age of 38. But, her glory didn’t end with her death in 1962 because the … Read more