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The Complete Guide to Modest But Feminine Fashion


Fashion trends come and go, but styles are timeless. One style that’s becoming more trendy is modest dressing.

Not all women want to dress in low-cut blouses or skirts with side slits, and over the years, it’s been challenging to find fashionable clothes that don’t show off your cleavage or your midriff. Especially for young women, finding clothes that are designed to cover your body in style 

Recognize the Benefits of Dressing Modestly

There are numerous reasons why a substantial number of women are starting to dress more modestly. However, there are clear benefits to dressing more conservatively, and it helps if you keep these in mind.

You no longer have to feel uncomfortable wearing clothes that are too revealing for you. If you’re the type of woman who feels uncomfortable with décolletage, then wearing modest women’s clothing can put you at ease and make you feel more confident.

Modest clothing fits better, and you won’t have to worry about too-tight clothes restricting your every move. Your body isn’t the only important thing about you, and modest fashions can help reveal your true, powerful self.

There’s power in making your own choices. If you’re choosing to dress modestly, it’s a choice. You’re doing it for yourself, and it’s your right choice.

Find Your Personal Style

Dressing with modesty in mind doesn’t mean throwing all of the fashion advice out the window! On the contrary, there’s a lot of great advice available on dressing fashionably, and much of it still applies when you choose a modest style.

Find your style, and then explore it. For example, do you like to dress in a classical style? Maybe you prefer a  Bohemian style. 

You can dress modestly and dress with a whimsical style. Or you can dress like a powerhouse with conservative chic or avant-garde clothing. Find your style and choose modest pieces for your wardrobe that help you dress that way. 

Just because you don’t want to wear revealing clothing doesn’t mean you have to blend in or bore yourself to death with your clothing choices. You can still wear clothes that you like. 

Dress Modestly For Your Body Type

Style guides have informed us for years to dress for our body type. If you’re short, don’t try to wear clothes that look great on long-legged women. Instead, learn to dress modestly for your body type, and you’ll be ready to take advantage of the styles best suited to you.

Start by taking your measurements, see which of the five body types your body is closest to, and then only wear clothes that suit your body type.

  • Apple– wear clothes that slim your midsection using sharp empire lines, flowing tops, and A-line skirts.
  • Pear– wearing light colors on the top half of your body and darker colors on the bottom half can help balance this body shape.
  • Rectangle– use layers to break up your proportions and use clothes that help emphasize your hourglass shape.
  • Inverted Triangle– Try accentuating your body’s lower half to bring balance.
  • Hourglass– use clothes that flatter your naturally great shape.

As you get older, your body type may change, and it’s critical to dress according to your age. 

Modest Dressing Ideas and Wardrobe Essentials

Keeping your body type and personal style in mind, find some wardrobe essentials that make it easy to find something to wear no matter the occasion.

Cardigans and turtlenecks are excellent choices for modest outfits. You can also play with sleeve styles, peplum blouses, and patterns.

Layering is a way to add style to your outfits and also make them more modest. For example, add leggings underneath dresses or midi and maxi skirts. Try scarves, shawls, and jackets over camisoles to cover more of your skin.

When dressing modestly, pay special attention to the fabric of your clothes. For instance, choose light, airy materials for comfort if you want to layer your clothes in the summertime. Of course, quality fabrics flow better, too.

The Importance of Color in Modest Clothing

Color plays a critical role in clothing. Color can impact emotions, and it says a lot to people about who you are. You’ll naturally feel more comfortable wearing some colors, but if you’re trying to dress modestly, you might want to avoid some colors altogether.

Warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows can be energizing and cheerful, but they can also evoke anger and signal danger. If you like to wear these colors, try toning them down with earthy tones or use them sparingly.

Cool colors like greens, blues, and purples are naturally more somber, but they can also make people feel sad. People who want to blend in usually choose neutral colors. 

Your clothing is a way to identify your personal brand. Just like companies purposefully use colors in their logos and designs, use color in your wardrobe to communicate your values and style.

Modest Feminine Fashion

Always remember that dressing modestly is a choice, and you control your style. You have many options, and when you dress according to your personal tastes and body type, you can create a modest look that is appealing and promotes your values and sense of integrity.

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