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These Tips Will Help You Pick Your New Vaping Equipment

Vaping is for many people more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle; if you are somebody interested in turning to the most popular alternative to smoking there is then there are a few things that you should know first. Unless you take time to plan and do your research you could end up buying equipment that isn’t worth its weight in salt.

As you may already know modern vaping equipment is far from cheap. Because of the high costs associated with it you need to selectively pick vaping equipment. This post will tell you how you can do that:


Product Warranty

In most countries companies are required to provide warranties, guaranteeing that if products break they will be replaced or refunded. Usually, warranties last for a year although some providers like Mighty Plus, for example, offer three-year warranties. As vape devices are in no way cheap it is essential that you find one with a warranty. Warranties will ensure that you are financially compensated in the event that your device breaks; it should be noted that warranties only come into effect if the damage was caused by mechanical failure not an accident on your part.

Consider Type

If you are interested in taking up vaping then one of the first things that you need to think about is the type of vape that you are going to buy. You may be surprised to learn that there are several different types of vape including cig-a-likes, disposables and vape mods. If you are new to vaping then it is a good idea to buy the cheapest device you can until you are confident it is an activity you want to pursue. Many take up vaping only to quit shortly after.

Internal Chemical

Most people vape to quit smoking which means inside their juice capsules is nicotine. Others vape for some extra energy, using caffeine capsules instead. In recent years marijuana vape capsules have been made available. If you are interested in vaping marijuana then you need to start slowly. Users often report that highs are much more intense when brought on by vape devices as opposed to marijuana flowers. It should also be noted that marijuana vapes can be very expensive meaning they are not a suitable option for individuals on budgets.

Creating Budget

On the topic of budget before you rush out and buy your first vape device it is a good idea to sit down and figure out how much you can reasonably afford to spend. Do not spend more than you can afford on a vape device. Vape devices depreciate in value the minute you buy and begin using them so do not look at them as an investment as many naïve vapers do. To create a budget factor in monthly incomings, outgoings and how much you have in your savings account. You can use a pay-in-three provider if your budget isn’t large enough to buy the vape you want.

Intended Use

What do you plan on vaping for? Some people vape so they can quit smoking and others just to get high. You need to know why you are planning on vaping before you invest in any equipment. Your intended use could dictate the kind of device that you buy. For example, individuals interested in quitting smoking should look for vape devices that come with nicotine capsules. Those who want to get high on the other hand should try and find devices that specifically cater to marijuana and CBD.


Disposable Vape

If you are new to vaping and it is not something you have ever done before then rather than buying an expensive device experts recommend picking up a disposable vape. A disposable vape won’t cost you much and will give you an idea of what it is really like vaping. If it turns out that you do not like it or if you find vaping unpleasant then you can throw your device away without having to worry about wasting money. Disposable devices are made to be thrown away, after all. Because of this, they are usually priced very reasonably.

Juice Flavour

There are thousands of different vape juice flavours. If you are new to vaping then you need to spend some time trying different ones and identifying which appeals most to you. Most retailers will allow you to sample juice flavours in stores. If you are buying online then you cannot sample flavours and must instead make judgments based on what you think you will like. You can usually get your money back if a vape flavour isn’t to your liking or as described. Try to sample before buying just so you do not waste your money. You can get samples in-store.

Organic Contents

In recent years a number of vape providers have started offering devices that are comprised of organic materials rather than synthetic chemicals; in the past vape juices were made from synthetic chemicals which could be very bad for the body if ingested in large amounts. As the vape market is growing more and more providers are turning to organic juices too. Providers offering organic juices will advertise their products this way. If a product has no information relative to their organic status then it is safe to assume they are not organic. If you have questions about a product’s ingredients reach out to its manufacturer.

Vape Moderately

One last thing to bear in mind is that even organic vape juices are not exactly good for you. While vaping is advertised as a ‘healthy’ alternative to smoking there is nothing healthy about it. It is just that vaping is less dangerous than smoking, not that it is better for you. If you are interested in vaping then spend some time doing your research and try to find the healthiest product you can. Take time to learn about the risks of vaping too so you understand what you are doing to your body. In moderation vaping is not harmless but at the same time is not that bad for you. To that end, vape in moderation.

Buying vape equipment can be difficult if you don’t know anything about vaping. Fortunately, an abundance of online resources exists. Any questions or queries you have can be directed to the store you are planning on buying products from. Bear in mind that while vaping is not exactly good for you it is much less harmful than smoking. As such it can be used as an effective remedy to smoking.

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