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5 Things to Look for When Buying Cannabis

Enjoying high-quality cannabis starts with smoking premium quality herb. With recreational cannabis now legal in most states, it presents a fantastic chance to familiarize yourself with your flower. Whether you’re a newcomer to purchasing herbs or simply interested in discovering how to identify superior buds, here are five key aspects to consider when shopping for weed.

Look and Color

Your eyes serve as excellent initial judges for quality. The finest cultivated cannabis usually boasts a vibrant green appearance. Other signs of health are the presence of purple, red, and orange colors. High-grade strains might also feature small orange hairs or glisten with crystal-like trichomes.

Cannabis that appears all brown or burnt is generally indicative of inferior quality. Ideally, your cannabis should contain minimal seeds and stems. Inspect the buds closely before making a purchase to ensure you’re selecting top-notch green.

An Experienced and Caring Team

Those new to the cannabis scene rely on the knowledgeable staff at dispensaries to navigate their premium selections effectively. Staff at dispensaries such as Spiritleaf Oshawa will discuss the levels of THC and CBD with customers. These components are key in shaping the user’s experience.

THC is the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It influences the intensity and potential effects of the product. CBD, on the other hand, lacks the psychoactive effects associated with the euphoria typical of marijuana use. Items containing a considerable amount of CBD can be advantageous, and the dispensary team is there to help you decide the appropriate concentration for your needs.

Testing Information

A significant advantage of the legalized cannabis market is the mandatory  laboratory analysis for all marijuana products. This process checks for the absence of harmful contaminants and assesses the full spectrum of cannabinoids present.

Most products come with a label that provides essential information such as THC levels and the overall percentage of cannabinoids. Yet, for those desiring a comprehensive breakdown of their cannabis, obtaining the Certificate of Analysis (COA) can offer an exceptionally detailed insight into their purchase.

Consider Taste

This is relevant only for marijuana consumed by smoking or vaping, as edibles typically utilize THC extracts. Nonetheless, for those with a discerning palate, the flavor is significant. Experiencing a harsh sensation in your mouth or throat while smoking likely indicates poor quality. Similarly, products tasting of hay, mold, or chemicals are inferior. High-quality cannabis should have flavors reminiscent of citrus, pine, or fruit, accompanied by subtle earthy or skunky notes.

Feel It

This isn’t something you can check while in the store, but when you get home, take a moment to evaluate what you’re intending to use. The buds should have a slight stickiness to them, yet not be wet or gooey. Buds that are too moist indicate improper curing.

On the other hand, the stems should be dry and snap easily, which indicates that the flowers were correctly managed post-harvest. While some may discuss the density of a flower, this trait is more closely related to genetic variations rather than an actual measure of quality.


Always make sure to investigate the producer and farmer to ensure they adhere to organic cultivation methods and yield uncontaminated buds. Favor local cultivators who contribute to your community, employ eco-friendly packaging, and provide a shopping experience that meets your satisfaction.

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