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TOP 10 Home Improvement Projects To Add Value To Your Home

Renovation And Maintenance Are Necessary

It doesn’t matter how big or small the property you have is. Over time, things are going to quit working as they were designed to. Lightbulbs burn out, electrical systems fail, concrete cracks, paint peels, walls get damaged, flooring gets stained—the list goes on. The way to handle this is to fix something whenever the need arises, though that can be a hard discipline.

Additionally, a way to keep things at their best is continuously enhancing your property. Don’t just fix a crack in the wall, repaint the whole thing. Don’t just weed the yard, re-sod where grass is dying, juggle movable sprinklers, and maybe tear up areas that can’t be fixed and add in some new yard design.

Continuous refurbishment and home improvement simultaneously covers a lot of maintenance; that’s the point here. So with that in mind, following are ten home improvement projects that are cost-effective and, for the most part, doable even if you’re not too savvy with construction. We’ll go over them briefly.

1. Indoor Or Outdoor Decks And Patios

Decks seem complex, but if you measure twice and cut once, you’ll be able to do more than you may realize. A little YouTube research can help you find the best methods of approach for your particular property, and even assist in overcoming unexpected problems. Keep in mind, with any project, problems develop which you must overcome. But they can be overcome.


2. A Gazebo – If Feasible, It’s Recommended

Similar to a deck is a gazebo. Also, you can actually buy gazebo kits. Think: adult-oriented Legos. All you really need are four posts and a roof, but you can go really in-depth if you like. Most gazebos don’t take up a lot of space, and they can be a perfect way of overcoming dry patches in your property more cost-effectively than long-term horticulture as a solution.


3. Finish The Basement, Finish The Attic; Maybe Finish Both

Most properties with basements tend to have unfinished space in those areas. Finish the basement. Make it a bar, or an entertainment room, or a man cave, or a guest room. Whatever you do, it will enhance property value if you take the time and do the job well.

You can get in-depth here, to the point where you may need to hire contractors. But this isn’t going to be strictly necessary; it depends on how far you go.

As for the attic, you can turn it into a yoga studio, meditation room, reading room, or an office. While you are up there, you may also want to have your roof done at the same time. The smallest leak can wreak havoc on your attic remodel plans, so reinforce your roof while you are changing over your attic. It will make both the attic and roof safer. Choosing a roofer can be easy with recommendations, and the roofer may also be able to guide you towards experts in remodeling attics. 

4. Honey-Do’s: Outlets, Lightbulbs, Appliance Maintenance, Etc.

If all else fails, finish some “honey-do’s”. Replace outlets and lightbulbs, fix the dishwasher, replace the washing machine, touch up damaged walls that need a little paint, rake and weed the yard—make a list of little things that need done, and go about finishing the list, thinking about renovations as you go.

5. Landscaping: Ponds, Wood Chips, Wind Chimes, And More

Landscaping can add thousands of dollars to the value of your property. It will depend on what you’ve got to work with and what budget is available—plants need water, after all. However, some things are relatively straightforward and do a lot for only relatively little overall investment. For example, aquatic ponds / pond pumps can be installed right before you move.

Or, you can keep them around and husband them to the point where plenty of plants silhouette a given pond, making it seem almost natural. You can go above-ground, or recess the pond into the ground. There are a lot of options to consider.


6. New Cabinetry In The Kitchen Or Elsewhere As Appropriate

Another really wise move is to redo your kitchen. Barring a total remodel, you might just “part it out” like you would a car. As things like tires, water pumps, windshields, and mirrors quit working right on a car, you replace them. Well, maybe you need some new kitchen cabinets. In that case, you can install them solely—the same is true of bathrooms, and other rooms.

7. Flooring: Get Rid Of Carpet Except Where You Want It

Tile or wood are better than carpet in most rooms. Sure, soft carpet you can sink your toes in is fun. Maybe use that carpet in a living space full of stylish furniture, one decorated more for aesthetic than use. But in the kitchen, tile or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) is best. Wood is fine for other rooms—cork is exquisite. If you’ve got too much carpet, switch it out.

8. Kitchen Or Bathroom Backsplashes: Affordable, Stylish

Little one-inch tiles can be conformed into a beautiful pattern right behind the sink in your kitchen. You can do this yourself in a way that’s quite affordable, and beyond adding property value, backsplashes actually preserve structural integrity by keeping water from seeping into wood or down cracks.


9. Repainting Strategically To Maximize Aesthetics

Wallpaper and paint can do a lot to revitalize a room. Also, such avenues of refurbishment cover a litany of minor damages. You’re going to have to repaint all the walls eventually anyway; you might as well style them every couple years, or right before you sell a property.

10. Floor Finishing: Sweat, Stain, And Polyurethane

Floors can be finished with a few layers of polyurethane painted on after you sand everything. Also, you cold sand all the wooden floors, re-stain them, then apply the polyurethane. This makes floors look brand new, it increases their structural integrity, and getting the job done right just requires a few hundred bucks in supplies and a few sweaty hours of your time.

Affordable DIY Property Value Enhancement

Finishing floors, repainting, backsplashes, upgrading from carpet, new cabinetry, landscaping that includes things like ponds, finishing honey-do’s, attics, or basements, adding a gazebo, or installing decks—these things can be done by those with a will, and the discipline to see their vision through to completion.

At minimum, let these suggestions stimulate your imagination. Your property won’t refurbish itself; it will fall apart gradually over time.

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