Top 10 Mouthwatering Desserts for your Hanukkah Celebration

Now that we’re well into the Festival of Light, surprise your loved ones and say Happy Hanukkah with some delicious sweets! Have a tasty treat for each of the eight nights of the holiday and dress up your tabletop with these fun and festive decorative dessert ideas. One of the best things about the holidays is enjoying the company of the ones you love, so why not bring them in on the fun of cooking and decorating? Add a simple touch of blue and white to complement the Hanukkah theme and this will make your treats irresistably tempting. Let these desserts be a part of the festivities, they are so good that we’re sure there won’t be any leftover and you’ll be whipping up a new batch in no time!

Eight Nights Of Light Cupcakes

mouthwatering-desserts-hanukkah-celebration_01Recipe via

Hanukkah Cookies with Gelt Chocolate Chips

mouthwatering-desserts-hanukkah-celebration_02Recipe via

Blue and White Hanukkah Sprinkle Cookies

mouthwatering-desserts-hanukkah-celebration_03Recipe via


mouthwatering-desserts-hanukkah-celebration_04Recipe via

Marshmallow Dreidel Treats

mouthwatering-desserts-hanukkah-celebration_05Recipe via

Jam Filled Cupcakes

mouthwatering-desserts-hanukkah-celebration_06Recipe via

Glitter Ball Cookies

mouthwatering-desserts-hanukkah-celebration_07Recipe via


mouthwatering-desserts-hanukkah-celebration_08Recipe via

Dizzy Dreidel Cookies

mouthwatering-desserts-hanukkah-celebration_09Recipe via

Monogrammed Hanukkah Cookies

mouthwatering-desserts-hanukkah-celebration_10Recipe via

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