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Top 10 Surprise Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Everybody appreciates a surprise gift, especially when it comes to our significant others. We want to know we’re always loved and appreciated. The lucky few who can think ahead and plan accordingly are rewarded with the warm feeling of making someone feel loved. But for those who have left things a little last-minute, it can be frustrating to find something appropriate at short notice.

Thankfully, there is a solution! Here are some fantastic ideas for surprise gifts that your girlfriend will love.


For the fashionista

If your girlfriend is all about fashion, she’ll love the latest trends. If you aren’t that interested, ask around (with her friends, with a store worker) to pick out a piece of clothing that she’ll love. Think about the clothes and colors she wears when picking out the outfit.

Alternatively, you could get her a subscription to a fashion magazine or an online store’s gift card so that she can always be in the know.

For the foodie

If your girlfriend loves cooking and eating, there are plenty of options for surprise gifts. You could treat her to a meal at an expensive restaurant. You could go on a date to a cooking class or go pottery painting to create some new dishes for your kitchen.

If she likes to cook, you could get her a new device to help in the kitchen, like a mixer or a food processor. You could treat her to a meal box subscription so that she can try out new recipes.

For the homebody

For the homebody, try gifting them a night at home with you. Cook their favorite meal, get the fireplace going and light candles for that ultimate cozy feeling. You could get some flowers from your local florist so that the house can look beautiful. Surprise them with their favorite dessert, or take care of all her chores for the day. It’s a simple but thoughtful gesture to let your partner know they’re appreciated.

For the animal lover

If your girlfriend is an animal lover, the best surprise gift would be a pet! You can get her a dog, a cat, or another type of animal that she’d enjoy. Of course, be sure to think through the logistics first to avoid any future problems, but imagine the surprise!

For the traveler

If your girlfriend spends a lot of time traveling for work, a personalized luggage tag might be perfect. It’s small and lightweight so that she can attach it to her suitcase or carry-on bag. Some luggage tags also come with a digital luggage scale, perfect for travelers constantly checking in and out at airports. 

If you want to get something more extravagant, consider the Kuyichi Luggage Tag Pack. This is perfect for those who are always on the move and need to keep their bags safe while they’re away from home. It features an RFID-blocking card that protects any information stored inside the card against unauthorized scanning.

If you have the funds to manage it, an amazing surprise for a girlfriend who loves to travel would be a trip away for the two of you. Of course, some places are cheaper to visit than others, but picking a place she’s always wanted to go to will be a great surprise and very meaningful.

For a mom-to-be

If you’re shopping for a mom-to-be, think about what she needs. This could be anything from maternity clothes to car seats, but it’s worth looking out for something she’ll find helpful and comforting.

One idea is an adorable baby grow. It’s perfect for the colder weather, and if you want to make it extra special, why not get one with a personal message embroidered on the front?

Another great idea is a set of photo frames. If you have recently moved into your own place, this is an ideal gift to set up your home with cherished memories of your first family home. Again, you can get these in all shapes and sizes – some even come with a sweet message on them!

For a fitness enthusiast

One of the best gifts for your girlfriend who is into fitness is a Fitbit tracker. These devices will help her monitor her progress, and they’re also great for helping to motivate. Several different types can accommodate any need or desire, but the most popular Fitbit models include the Flex 2, Alta HR, Charge 2, Blaze, and Surge.

You can also purchase a gym membership or go to an exercise class together for a more personalized gift.

For the girlfriend who’s also your best friend

Partners who are also best friends often have a lot in common. Maybe you’ve got the same hobbies or the same favorite TV shows. Invest in these shared interests when picking a gift, and you’ll be sure to thrill her. Alternatively, you could get a gift that plays into one of your inside jokes. This way, you’ll make her feel loved, and you’ll make her laugh!

For the reader

If your girlfriend is always on the go and has a hard time sitting still to read a book, a Kindle is perfect for her! The Kindle is lightweight, easy to use, and can store over 1,000 books. It has been designed for readers who love books but don’t want to carry them around. So no matter where she goes, she can always have her favorite novels with her.

Another great gift for readers is to take them to a bookshop and let them pick out the books they want – the perk being; you’ll pay for their books!

For the brave adventurer

If your girlfriend loves to explore, then a gift certificate for an eco-friendly adventure tour is a great idea. These tours will allow her to indulge in unique adventures and activities while also exploring something she’s never seen before. These tours can be planned as early as a year in advance! If you don’t know where to start or what type of tour would suit her best, you could always ask her friends or family for recommendations.

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