The ancient Chinese civilization is one of the earliest in the world. That’s why visiting the Far East is a must, at least once in your life. There you can experience an entirely different culture and see places that will simply take your breath away. Besides the Great Chinese Wall, which is probably the biggest attraction on the Earth, this country holds treasures you can not find somewhere else. I am sure there are countless reasons why to visit China, but here through the following photos I am presenting you the most wonderful ones!

The Great Wall

Great-WallPhoto credit to

Hallelujah Mountains In Zhangjiajie National Park

ZhangjiajiePhoto credit to

Dragon Statue In Summer Palace

Dragon-StatuePhoto by Brita Photography

Life On The Chinese Streets

Town-StreetPhoto credit to

Rice Fields

Rice-FieldsPhoto credit to

Shan-Shui City, Guiyang

Shan-Shui-CityPhoto credit to

Phoneix Ancient Town

Village-By-The-WaterPhoto credit to

Waterfall In Libo Guizhou

WaterfallPhoto by Simon Long

West Lake in Hangzhou

West-Lake-HangzhouPhoto credit to


ShanghaiPhoto by Wei Gensheng