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Top 10 Yummy Christmas Desserts

It’s always smart to plan your Christmas food menu in advance and avoid the stress of looking for great recipes at the last moment. The big night is nearing and you should start looking for some ideas. Well, dessert will be no problem, because this year we’ve done all the thinking for you and selected the best Christmas themed dessert recipes. You need to look no further for inspiration because these treats are so finger-licking-good, they’ll make you the holiday hero! They’ll make a fabulous finale to your festive meal and if you still have any leftover, snacking while opening presents will make everything even more enjoyable.

Candy Cane Smores

yummy-christmas-dessert-recipes_01Recipe via

Cake Batter Truffles

yummy-christmas-dessert-recipes_002Recipe via

Snowball Cookies

yummy-christmas-dessert-recipes_03Recipe via

Pound Cake Cookies

yummy-christmas-dessert-recipes_04Recipe via

Peppermint Meltaway Cookies

yummy-christmas-dessert-recipes_05Recipe via

Peppermint Oreo Krispie Treats

yummy-christmas-dessert-recipes_06Recipe via

Candy Cane Cookies

yummy-christmas-dessert-recipes_007Recipe via

Coconut Christmas Wreaths

yummy-christmas-dessert-recipes_08Recipe via

Hersheys Mint Chocolate Thumbprints

yummy-christmas-dessert-recipes_09Recipe via

Christmas Swirl Sugar Cookies

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