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Top 15 Renovation Ideas For Your Home


Your home may need some remodeling, whether you’re trying to sell it or make it better for your life. The average remodeling project will increase a home’s value by 56% of the remodel’s cost; however, depending on the project, this proportion might be much higher or lower. However, even little strategic adjustments or quick DIY tasks may significantly impact your place’s real and perceived worth. Fortunately, these creative yet doable house remodeling ideas can guarantee that your property is fashionable and meets your demands and requirements.

1. Update your roofing 

Your roofing can greatly influence your home’s appearance and functionality. If your roof is growing old, think about replacing it with architectural shingles that are more recent. Compared to conventional asphalt shingles, architectural roof shingles have more dimension. They are also now made to deflect UV rays, which keeps your house cooler. Other suggestions for modernizing your roof include installing a standing seam metal roof on more modern buildings; for the newest roofing trends, opt for metal roofs in light or cool hues. The importance of hiring the right roof cleaning in Olympia cannot be overstated. As a homeowner, it is important to keep your roof clean and well-maintained not only for aesthetic purposes but also to prolong its lifespan.

Alternatively, you can choose a tile roof for older properties. Since there are so many shapes and kinds of roof tiles available, you won’t have any problem creating a statement with your home. Newer roof tiles are composed of concrete, which is far more durable than earlier clay tiles. As a tip, work with professionals like Smart Exteriors to get the best option for your home.

2. Renovate the space around the entrance door

Never undervalue the influence of a front door. The major and last transition place in your home is the front entrance. Additionally, it has a significant role in a visitor’s first impression. Paint your front door, replace your house numbers, install a new front porch light fixture, lay down a new doormat, or give the front of your property a good cleaning to spruce it up. Why? Because the value of your property will undoubtedly improve with an inviting entry, keep this in mind.

3. Utilize the area under the stairs

You don’t want to leave the sizable area beneath the staircase vacant if you’re replacing your staircase. You can create a cozy nook by adding shelves to showcase your bookcases, music collection, or fancy wine rack for lovers of excellent wines. You may even build your wonderful hidden reading nook in a little room, so feel free to consider this.

4. Modify the simple items

Some improvements are costly and time-consuming, and they might not be worthwhile if you’re trying to sell your house. But updating the simple items to create a coherent, modern area is a wonderful approach to boost the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Replace old frosted glass with more recent transparent glass. Replace worn-out or damaged hardware with fashionable angular knobs and pulls. 

Even replacing an outdated or filthy bathroom sink faucet is affordable and has a significant cosmetic impact in such a little space. Consequently, consider installing a new toilet seat. New towel bar or tissue dispenser? Simple as pie. Sometimes, the improvement might be more energy-efficient, improving your home’s beauty and making it more “green.”

5. Put in storage in the bathroom

The bathroom could use all the help it can get in terms of maximizing space since it is one of the smallest rooms in the house. Keeping this area uncluttered is most likely the first step you can take, so feel free to try this out. Consider creating excellent bathroom storage to do this. Modern floating shelves with simple lines provide style without wasting valuable bathroom space. Even a tiny side vanity storage box may add storage in an area that would otherwise be wasted space. Your bathroom will appear cleaner, fresher, and more spacious when it is clutter-free.

6. An antique dining table may be painted or refinished

You wouldn’t necessarily want to paint a stunning mahogany dining table. However, if your dining table is somewhat dated, worn out, and a fading reminder of happier times, consider refinishing it with varnish or painting it a crisp, neutral hue. If you don’t want to sell your house or want to appeal to a wider audience, choose a vibrant color for your dining table! A new dining table will have a noticeable aesthetic impact on your entire dining area 

7. Invest in new appliances

With brand-new, energy-efficient equipment, a kitchen has unquestionably additional value. Indeed, an appliance with the Energy Star badge has received government certification to use 10 to 50 percent less water and energy than standard appliances. If replacing them isn’t an option, give each kitchen appliance a thorough cleaning to make it shine as brightly as possible.

8. Change the hardware

This quick and easy home improvement will completely refresh and simplify the appearance of your kitchen. You could finish this project in the shortest possible time. Modern hardware like knobs, pulls, and handles significantly improve the kitchen’s appearance even if nothing else does (for example, if you don’t have time to remodel the complete kitchen cabinets). Thanks to this simple feature, even an old-fashioned kitchen may occasionally feel more pleasantly vintage.

9. Lighten up the living room

The importance of adequate lighting for a home’s ambiance and comfort is something that most know intuitively but is occasionally forgotten. Even the most basic living rooms will feel airy and cheery with enough lighting. It will seem cozier and more inviting in your living area and throughout your house. The room may be lighter and brighter using wall sconces, floor lamps, art lights, tabletop lamps, and even ceiling lighting fixtures. As a tip, invest in LED lighting options as they are more energy-efficient and durable. 

10. Make a raised bed for your garden

A raised garden bed is perfect for your landscape if you enjoy gardening! It is simpler to produce plants such as vegetables, flowers, herbs, or fruits and requires considerably less maintenance than an in-ground garden. It is also easy to harvest and has a lovely appearance. Given that people are becoming increasingly interested in independence, organic food, and delectable homegrown flavors, this is unquestionably a value-adding feature for a home’s outside.

11. Utilize open shelves

One of the favorite suggestions while you work on your home makeover, is to install open shelving to give your house a more eye-catching appearance. You need a few shelves to show your antiques, trinkets, and other items. You may keep them exposed or cover them with glass doors. Keep this in mind if you can decorate the shelves with baskets, books, or other household accents.

12. Play around with shapes

Experts advise changing your home’s makeover to suit the available area and your taste. You can experiment with curved tables and counters for more workspace or substitute the standard rectangular couches with a roomy L-shaped couch. However, it’s crucial to ensure that these design principles don’t take up more room and provide simple movement throughout your house. Consequently, an outdated and drab bathroom may become a luxurious, fashionable sanctuary with the ideal wall color, tiling, and lighting selection, so feel free to consider this.

13. Maintain an appropriate location for shoes

Nowadays, taking off your shoes when entering your or someone else’s house is customary. The difficulty arises when you are unsure what to do with your shoes once you have taken them off. Having a clear location for removed shoes at the entrance is beneficial and hospitable for everyone since it removes the barrier or humiliation of doubt.

14. Incorporate plants into the living room design

Even while adding a few houseplants is more of a cosmetic alternative than a true home improvement project, it is still a quick and simple approach to increase the value of your property. They also deliver oxygen to the air and eliminate pollutants, adding a refreshing touch of green to nearly any color scheme. Formaldehyde and other harmful pollutants are removed from the air by plants. 

Pregnant women, young children, and anyone with allergies or asthma should pay particular attention to this. A formaldehyde substance can harm the respiratory system and eyes and cause cancer. Your houseplants may serve as accent pieces in your decor, bringing splashes of color to provide visual appeal, soften the area, and even blend in with other natural components like your wooden cabinets or flooring.

15. Install a mural

Wall art is a crucial component of any home design, but selecting pieces that will complement your existing decor and look well in your house may be challenging. This is especially true with murals and other large-scale wall art. Choosing a mural that complements your sense of style is essential because large wall art frequently makes a statement. 

You want something that stands out from the norm while complementing your surroundings. Once you locate the ideal item, your friends and family will continue to commend you for many years. Additionally, it will give an interior space fresh vitality, making it more intriguing and welcoming.

Sprucing up your home is a great idea worth considering. Hopefully, you’ll consider these tips to achieve the desired outcome.

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