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Top 2 Things You Need To Know About The Healing Crystals

A recent spark for alternative medicine has ignited across the globe. While western medicine is still preferred in the greater part of the world, eastern health practices are equally respected as they often involve practicing meditation and healing. Acupuncture, stone therapy, cupping, and healing crystals are just a few of these practices that are now prevailing in the market.  

If you’re looking for a way to inculcate eastern medicine into your daily life, healing crystals might be your calling. Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you learn more!


What Are Healing Crystals?

Healing crystals are gemstones used as a therapeutic instrument to instill balance and good energy into one’s mind, body, and lifestyle. They are said to host a source of stable energy of a particular frequency that resonates through your body and mind, when you keep them close to you. They get rid of negative energy. They also resonate with everything around you, thus altering the energy around you for the better—creating a harmony that’s good for you. 

The frequencies of each crystal differ due to their different healing properties. Each crystal is special and targets a particular problem, and thus, you must choose one that can help with what you and your life lacks. 

History tells us that the concept of this kind of healing is borrowed from Hinduism and Buddhism, which considered this as a form of ancient medicine. However, it’s essential to note that it’s not scientifically proven that these crystals promote better health. Perhaps, one can chalk it up as a case of the placebo effect. After all, someone being diligent and mindful by accepting this method of healing would notice that it works.

People are often drawn to these crystals despite the unproven claims, probably due to their unique and eye-catching beauty and colors. 

1. Which Is The One For You?

Choosing a crystal may be intimidating at first, but once you are armed with the knowledge about each of them, it becomes pretty clear which crystal is for you. 

Firstly, you must identify what you or your life lacks and accordingly look for stones that can prove to be helpful to you. This can help you narrow down your options to choose from. Crystals are all about the connection, so let your intuition guide you towards the stone you really need. It will catch your eye, and you’ll find yourself gravitating towards it subconsciously, and that’s how you’ll know which one to pick. 

Secondly, choose the way you wish to keep it. Depending on the kind of crystal you need, there are specific ways you can wear it. From a pendant to a healing crystal ring to a display showpiece, there are various ways you can harness its energy. 

2. How To Maintain Them?

Physical maintenance of the crystals is relatively easy. You need to occasionally clean it with a washcloth to keep the surface shiny or get it polished professionally if you wear it as jewelry. 

However, you must clear it of all negative energy it has picked up while protecting you.

Hold it under cold water to rinse it naturally. Then, burn some sage or add sea salt to its surface to remove unwanted energy. 

Another way is to keep the crystal outside and let the moon or sunlight naturally filter the negative energy from it. As long as crystals are not sensitive to light you can your amethyst or tiger’s eye bracelets, or any other type of jewelry piece, under the sun and your pieces of jewelry will become cleaned and charged.

If you are willing to try this method of healing, you must take steps to maintain the crystal physically and also commit to rid your mind of all the skepticism you have about their capabilities. Only then can you witness its power and positive effects on your body and mind.

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