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Top 4 Affordable Backyard Solutions to Create An Inspiring Outdoor Getaway

When one thinks of going for an adventurous trip and exploring the great outdoors, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the location. Where is the trip going to be? The mountains? The desert? By the ocean? All of these places are great locations to enjoy a few days with nature, family, or some friends, but they all have their own unique factors to consider. 

The climate is very different, the available amenities will vary and your requirements depending on the nature of the trip will also be different. Ideally, you should go prepared with at least some basic gear that will make the trip a bit more comfortable and also make you a little less reliant on what is locally available at the destination. If you go to any outdoor equipment store or hiking and mountaineering store, even basic equipment like a knife can be quite expensive. When you are looking to buy a full set of gear for the entire family, this can represent a rather large investment. On the other hand, there are a few things that you can make on your own that only require basic tools.

Here are some of the best DIY projects that will be valuable assets on any outdoor adventure.


1.  Foldable Chairs

One of the best parts of being outdoors is lighting fires. Not to destroy the environment but for a bonfire that you can sit around at night and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. To accompany the bonfire it’s always nice to have a chair rather than having to sit on the cold ground with no back support. Foldable chairs can come in handy in so many different situations, they are easy to make and you can even use them around the house when you are back home. Depending on the tools you have and your specific requirements you could choose to make these out of steel, aluminum, or good old wood. For the highest durability, steel is the best option. However, wood does make them lightweight and quite easy to work with.

2.  Picnic Tables

The other thing you need when you are outdoors is a good, flat working surface. A sturdy picnic table can be a countertop, it can be a seat, it can be a dining table and it can even be a windbreak. Making one from wood is the easiest option, however, you might need some specialized tools for it. Woodworking machinery needs to be top quality in order to durably live through its many uses; anything less than the best battery chainsaws will not be good enough for this project, or any other if you want quality work. In fact, for any kind of power equipment, you should get the best quality that you can. Not only are these a lot more durable, but they are much safer and they are more accurate. Cheaper products tend to be tough to handle and this can compromise the build quality of the project. Power equipment is an investment; the better quality it is, the longer it will last and the less you will have to worry about breakdowns and repairs.

3.  Stakes

If you don’t have a roof rack tent or if you are setting up a tent for more than two people, you will have to set it up on the ground. The main thing with tents is making sure they are secured to the ground. With a solid base, the tent will be able to stand up to all kinds of weather and will stand up in the right form. To get the most secure setup use stakes with your tent, especially in windy conditions. If your tent didn’t come with stakes or doesn’t have stakeholders already built in, you can make your own stakes and use those. If you have a welding machine you can make some very sturdy aluminum stakes or you could make some simple wooden ones. However, wooden stakes can be difficult to use on very hard ground or in rocky conditions.

4.  Paracord Accessories

Paracord is a mountain climber’s best friend and guardian angel, though it also comes in handy for outdoor adventures that are closer to ground level. Essentially, Paracord is a very high-strength rope. You can make a bunch of things out of it such as bracelets and keychains and multi-purpose loops that you can hang very heavy items with. All you need to know is the right kind of knot for that purpose and you need to have some Paracord. 


There are also quite a few things that you can make on the go even when you are at the campsite, given that you have the right accessories. Some of the best things to have on an outdoor trip include a fire starter, a good quality knife, a torch, some Paracord, a cooking pot, and a metal cup. This combination of materials can be used to make fires, purify water, cook food and even create temporary accommodation in the case that you lose your tent.

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