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Top 4 Alcoholic Gluten-Free Drinks – A Celiac Guide

Being diagnosed with Celiac disease can be a bitter pill to swallow, and learning about all the things you can no longer enjoy is tough. Alcoholic drinks for many people are one of the first things we think of. Not many people realise just how many alcoholic drinks have gluten, wheat, barley or rye, meaning anyone with Celiac disease needs to find a new drink. If you’re Celiac and have been looking for a new alcoholic drink that is safe to consume, consider this guide to help your new drink.

An ice-cold beer

It might be hard to believe given the main ingredient in beer is wheat, but beer is still an option for Celiacs. Gluten-free beer exists and should form part of any good alcoholic collection, especially if you are Celiac. Gluten-free beer is available at most major alcohol retailers, with different styles on offer as well. Whether you love an IPA, XPA or a simpler pale ale, there is a gluten-free option for you on the market. Brewers across the world are coming on the journey with Celiacs and it means you can finish your day or week with an ice-cold beer, without the fear of consuming gluten.


Find the spirit

Most spirits are made with gluten-free ingredients, meaning a nice whisky, vodka or gin at the end of a hard week or to start the celebrations on a weekend. There are many brands on the market that advertise their gluten-free distilling via the product packaging, be sure to check the labels of those that don’t, because many still are gluten-free by ingredient. Pre-mixed spirits or ready-to-drink spirits are also available as gluten-free drinks for Celiacs.

If you’re looking for a quick option or something easier to take to a gathering or party, then these pre-mix drinks could be the one for you. Even though some spirits are made with grains that Celiacs can’t have, the distillation process can make these drinks safe for Celiacs. If you’re concerned at all about this process, consider rum, tequila and brandy which are all made from gluten-free ingredients.

Consider a cider

If you are looking for something a little different, then consider grabbing a cider. There are a lot of gluten-free cider options on the market in many different flavours. Cider is a great alternative if you are looking for an easy to drink option for a sunny afternoon. As a celiac, be sure to check the labels if the cider doesn’t say gluten-free. Some ciders use enzymes that are derived from barley, which is a no-go zone for Celiacs. Most ciders available will identify as gluten-free, but if you’re unsure, always check the label.

Grab a nice wine


Most wine available at retailers is gluten-free, so don’t take the wine off your list. Even sparkling options like prosecco are usually gluten-free, meaning you can enjoy a bubbly at your next celebration or event. The only consideration for wines is cross-contamination, be sure to check where the wine is made, and if the facility processes gluten as well. Typically wine is fine for celiacs and only those with a Sulphite allergy will have trouble. Most winemakers will be sure to call this out on their labels, like most drinks take your time to review the label for all warnings.

Alcoholic drinks can be a minefield to navigate for Celiacs, trying to work out what you can and can’t have. Once you’ve dispelled the myths and tropes around alcoholic drinks, you can freely enjoy a few beverages at the end of your day or week. If you’re a Celiac, then be careful when trying new drinks and keep your eyes peeled for the many gluten-free brands coming to your bottle shop shelves.

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