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Top 4 Helpful Advice For People Who Are Taking Care Of Their Elders

Caring for your elderly parents isn’t easy. There are various things that you must consider including their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Senior citizens require a certain degree of care, and you have to be extra patient with them since they become very sensitive as they get older. You can’t imagine how hard it is for them to be unable to do the simplest tasks or to be dependent on you for all their needs. They may also feel useless at times when they aren’t included in any decisions, especially ones that concern their own wellbeing, and this can affect their mental health. You need to be extremely understanding of your elderly parents’ needs so you will be able to properly take care of them. Keep reading for advice to help you care for your elderly loved ones.


1. Modify the House

Whether you are going to care for your elderly loved ones at your home or theirs, you need to make the house safe for them and remove any hazards with special attention on fall prevention. Some things may require small changes while others may require greater modifications. The first and simplest thing that you should do is remove anything around the house that may be tripping hazards or inhibit easy movement around the house. You can remove extra furniture, small rugs, and children’s toys. If they use a walker or a wheelchair then you should install a ramp. Install grab bars in the bathroom as well, specifically near the bathtub and the toilet. In addition to installing grab bars, you should also place showers mats in the bathtub to avoid slipping. For extra safety, install smoke detectors that vibrate or flash so they would wake them up in case of a fire.

2. Care Home

If you can’t afford modifications or you can’t provide them with the care they need in your house then you should consider taking them to a care home. You shouldn’t feel guilty about this decision. Taking care of an elderly family member isn’t easy so placing them in a care home is the best decision for you and them. It is essential that you find them a safe place that will cater to all their needs. Finding the right place for your parents isn’t going to be easy. The first thing that you should consider is the location. Find a care home near you so you will be able to visit. If you are from Australia and live near Parramatta, you will find retirement homes there that will give your elderly parents the kind of care that they require. Before you decide, you should visit various care homes and take a tour to see if it is the right fit for your family member or not. You should also meet with the staff and ask them about the quality of care they provide. Additionally, read reviews left online about different care homes in order to be able to find the right place for your loved ones.

3. Keep an Eye on Their Medications

Senior citizens need to take various supplements and medication for different ailments that develop with age. However, since their memory isn’t as it used to be and they can get confused or forgetful, you need to keep an eye on their medications. Ensure that they take all of their meds and that their prescriptions are always filled. You should get them a labeled pills organizer with the days of the week to ensure that they don’t take the wrong dose by mistake.

4. Make Them Feel Needed

As our parents age, they start to feel like they aren’t needed which can affect their mental health and make them depressed. You can remedy the situation by including them in all decisions, especially the ones that concern them. You, your children, or your grandchildren can ask for their opinions about any problems that you are facing. Remember that whatever you are going through, they have probably lived through it so you will benefit a lot from their wisdom. You can also ask them to help you with simple tasks around the house like folding laundry or helping you with grocery shopping.


Senior citizens require very special care. If you will care for your elderly parents at your home then modify it to avoid any accidents and to make their lives easier. You should also make sure that they take their medications on time. Additionally, to help reduce any risk of depression, make them feel useful and needed by involving them in decisions and seeking their advice. If you can’t care for your elderly parents at home then find them a good care home with attentive staff and interesting activities, and make sure to visit them quite often so they don’t feel neglected.

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