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Top 4 Ways To Increase Small Business Productivity

If you have started a small business, you might be asking yourself, Now what? Perhaps the company has grown too quickly to manage, or sought after upward trajectories have stalled completely. Regardless of where you are, it is time to innovate, ideate, and become more productive for the continued success of your business. Try one or all of these ideas to get back on track.


1. Reduce your shipping costs

Being a producer of goods means that said goods need to move from your company’s locations to their intended recipients. But what if you do not produce a large enough number of goods to fill a full semi-truck? And, what if your supply is too much or too big for the US Postal System? This is where LTL (less-than-load) freight shipping will serve your needs. Click on this link to learn more about less-than-truckload freight shipping.

The basic tenet behind LTL shipping is that you only pay for the amount of space your products consume inside a trailer. The rest of the trailer will be filled with other businesses’ goods. The major advantages of LTL freight shipping are the reduction of costs for both your company and the end-user.

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2. Use technology to your advantage

Of course, you use modern technological conveniences in your workplace, but it is time to consider whether you are leveraging the best technology for your business model and intentions. Watch this video for a breakdown of five useful productivity apps.

3. Outsource to the experts.

You are the expert in your field of business. You know your product inside and out. It is likely that you are not proficient in every facet of the business world. This is where outsourcing comes in to save you. 

Some commonly utilized outsourcing categories are marketing and advertising, copywriting, human resources, accounting, legal advice, and logistics. Whenever you see a gap in your needs that lies outside of your field of expertise, know that outsourcing to professionals is a tactic that will help you achieve success.

4. Remember to say thank you.

It may seem counterproductive to spend extra time thanking your customers, but they will appreciate the sentiment. Whether the gesture is small or lies on a grander scale, giving your appreciation to those who support you will go a long way towards bolstering the company’s bottom line and keep them coming back for more.

Your gratitude can be relayed in a variety of forms. On the lower end of the scale, send an email thank you with a special coupon code along with a digital purchase order confirmation. Encourage your customers to use the code for a future purchase from your store. Another option is to include a printed or handwritten note with the shipment of the purchased item. Small swag such as stickers, bag tags, or key fobs go a long way towards continued brand recognition, and everyone appreciates a thank you in the form of a gift.


Owning your own company means wearing multiple hats. You can become exhausted and sidelined if you do not stay focused. Utilize the assets that are available to you to maximize productivity and remain successful.

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