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Top 5 Colleges with Great Writing Programs

Creative writing is a great university or college degree for anyone looking to make writing a career. Regardless of the program, a university or college degree will lend quality to your work. Many successful educated people are not ashamed to admit that they were looking for college research papers for sale during their student days in order to save more time and be more productive as a result.

For students in high schools who love writing, now is the time to look for great colleges that offer courses in creative arts. Some schools give degrees in literature, so you have to choose a writing program concentration in college. 


Finding a university or college of liberal arts can be a daunting task; that’s why we collated this catalog of the five best colleges and universities with commendable writing degrees. 

One school that will give you a good program is Columbia University. Hamilton college is another place to build a good career for those who prefer colleges to a university because a college provides more personal tutor-student relationships, giving them more freedom for general development. 

In no particular order, these institutes are as follows:

University of Iowa

Most famous for its Iowa writer’s workshop that has, for eighty years, been serving as a community where writers of different kinds of literature exchange ideas. Iowa is an enabling environment for any scholar to advance their skills. 

This workshop, along with other related schemes, draws renowned writers from all over the world to the campus, where they meet and rub minds with students, inadvertently helping them build a network that will benefit them later on. 

Speaking of networks, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) awarded Iowa city as its “third city of literature” in the world. Imagine earning your degree in such a prestigious place. 

Admission to study in this school is highly selective as you would be required to have an SAT score of about 1120 – 1150. Once you have been admitted, however, the ride to getting your graduate degree in writing will be an exciting one. 

Northwestern University 

This institute has many opportunities for students, like regular meet-and-greets with renowned writers and being taught by accomplished professors. 

You can offer creative writing as a major in the school’s English department, which has a reputation for being one of the best programs in the country. In this school, famous authors teach genres such as fiction, poetry, etc., and there is a close-knit relationship to ensure freedom and understanding between teacher and student. 

To be admitted into this institute, your SAT scores have to be higher than average because admission is very competitive —as the undergraduate benefits far supersede all else. 

There might be no absolute figure but aim for an SAT of at least 1450 to be sure you are on the right track. 

Columbia University 

This school has one of the best English departments in the country. Located in New York, the school serves as an institute of research studies where students worldwide can pursue their skills as they see fit. 


Like the other ones on this list, admission into this school is very competitive, and your SAT scores have to be high to even stand a chance. The school provides a major in writing, planning intensive seminars, and other core teaching concepts that make sure the students are getting a premium education on creative and quality art. In these seminars, students read books and have round table discussions on the story plot.  

Based on its location, the school is in close proximity, with lots of publishing houses willing to give the students a chance. 

Hamilton College 

In this institution, you can either major in literature or creative writing. Due to its small size, compared to other large establishments, this institution encourages private modes of teaching where there is an up-close relationship between professor and learners, allowing for extra understanding and development. 

The faculty also helps you grow as a writer by giving you publishing and internship positions, which in turn will widen your horizons and help you in your career. 

Your SAT is an important ticket to gaining full-time admission into this school, and you would need about an average of 1370 – 1520. The application deadline is January 1st, and your SAT scores must be received by February 1st. 

Brown University

This institute’s Literature program is one of the best in the U.S., and for over fifty years, they have provided a diverse community of writers who are intellectually sound and ready to take over the world. There are classes available for all genres, and as students, you are free to opt for one or more of these. 

For admission, your SAT score has to average 1440 – 1570, but once you’re in, be prepared for different workshops, independent studies, and so on. 

These workshops were carefully designed to empower scholars with little or no experience in a particular genre. Your dexterity will be built and honed by carefully considering acclaimed tutors who have years of experience in these courses. 

Where Do I Go from Here?

Although writing can be exciting, without passion, it can get tiring. You have to be sure it is what you want, as that is the only thing that will keep you going sometimes. 

Don’t be confused by your passions, even though they might seem conflicting. You can be a STEM student with a degree in science or engineering and still pursue creative arts; there are so many authors who are living testimonies of this. 

If you are certain of this step, ask yourself these questions: do I want to go to university? What do I want to major in? Am I ready for the SAT exams?

Answering all these questions requires time, and you should take things slow because whatever decision you make now would greatly impact the rest of your life. 


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