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Top 5 Cool DIY Projects For Video Game Lovers

Are you a self-confessed video game lover? Whether you stick with titles you grew up with or you’re fully immersed in modern gaming culture, you’ll know there’s so much more to it than the games themselves.  

There’s the sense of escapism as you load up your favourite series – plus the devoted communities that come with them. It’s an increasingly rewarding hobby too, with the global esports market predicted to hit 2.89 billion dollars in value by 2025. But one of the best things about gaming is undoubtably the creativity it inspires. 

If you’re looking for new ways to show off your inventiveness, why not try your hand at one of these cool DIY projects?

Build a retro console

Have you ever tested your creativity and programming skills with the world-famous Raspberry Pi? With a few add-ons and a little tinkering, these inexpensive microcomputers make great vintage gaming consoles!

Legendary brands they can replicate include Atari, Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation. Other items you’ll need include a power supply, a TV, a HDMI cable, a computer that can write to SD cards, a keyboard and a controller. 

Craft a mechanical gaming keyboard

Whether playing a story or competing online, PC gamers will know that a good keyboard can be the difference between success and defeat. So why not build your own exactly how you like it?

You can build mechanical gaming keyboards with different layouts, lights and more. There are DIY kits available, or you can go off-piste and collect parts individually. 

Create the perfect lighting for gaming

Lighting is another element that can make or break your gaming experience – especially if you’re into streaming your adventures on sites like Twitch. 

There are several options for lighting your gaming setup, including high-end light strips which provide adjustable colour and warmth options. Some smart lighting systems meanwhile can react to what’s happening on your display – whether you’re browsing in-game menus or deep in gameplay. 

Construct a Retro Nintendo clock

Nintendo’s sales have been on the up in recent years after an extended period of decline, but most people still associate the brand with retro gaming. If you’ve still got some Nintendo game cartridges lying around, why not upcycle them into vintage desk clocks?

If you don’t fancy attempting this one yourself, you could send your favourite cartridge to an online seller as a unique commission. 

Cook up video game lunch boxes

Have you heard of bento boxes? In short, a bento is a single-portion meal designed to be eaten out the home in Japan and elsewhere in Asia, similar to a lunch box. There are tonnes of artistic ideas on the internet for game-inspired boxes, often using rice as a neutral but filling base.  

These projects are especially fun for kids – but we’re not judging if you’d prefer to liven up your own lunchtimes!

Do any of these projects appeal to your inner gamer?

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