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Top 5 Popular Food Stops in Alaska

Alaska is almost unimaginably vast. With over 586,000 square miles of wild country and bleak, barren, yet beautiful tundra, it is a truly extraordinary wilderness just waiting to be discovered. It is the ultimate in rugged adventure, natural beauty, and untamed wild open space – America’s last frontier – but it is also a surprisingly innovative and exciting culinary destination as well!

Thanks to the incredible variety and availability of quality, fresh, natural ingredients and produce that come from Alaska’s mountains, tundras, and seas, the food scene in the 49th state is flourishing. Although the growing season is short, there are a wealth of great chefs and fantastic eateries who take great pride in cultivating fascinating menus from the bountiful local produce available. So as a little teaser for your next adventure, or a nudge to get you to book an Alaskan cruise, here are the top five popular food stops in Alaska.

The Crow’s Nest, Anchorage

Perched high above the city on top of the Captain Cook Hotel, the Crow’s Nest boasts some of the best views of the Anchorage skyline. But don’t just come for the view! The food is exceptional – Alaskan haute cuisine with a decidedly French flourish. 

Gustavus Inn, Gustavus

If the best way to get to a restaurant is a bush plane, and you still need to make reservations in advance, it is probably a pretty special place! The Gustavus Inn is set deep within a national park (although not too far from Juneau) and offers up local seafood and homegrown produce, cooked to perfection. 

Foraker, Denali

Fine dining at the base camp of Mount Denali might be unexpected, but Foraker provides just that. Offering food as good as the sumptuous views of the majestic peak, it is an exciting and innovative eatery that entices gourmets and foodies as well as climbers on their way to the summit.

Seven Glaciers, Alyeska

The only way to get to Seven Glaciers, right on the top of the Alyeska Resort, is by a gondola ride right up the side of the mountain! But don’t be scared – the 360 degree view from the top is well worth the adrenaline-rush, and the menu dominated by fresh seafood is just as good.

Ginger, Anchorage

Back to Anchorage for a fantastic Asian fusion experience at Ginger, one of the best restaurants in town. Mixing up classic American dishes with exciting Asian twists, all using fresh local Alaskan produce, this is a real treat for all the senses. 

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