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Top 6 Proven Tips To Make Coffee Easier

Coffee seems to be the drink of choice for many people. It’s a great way today start, or even end your day. But sometimes it can be difficult making coffee from home without all the fancy equipment that a barista has at their disposal! These six tips will make your life easier and your coffee tastier!


1. Invest in a coffee maker with an adjustable timer 

First and foremost, coffee makers with adjustable timers are a great investment. Not only can you set your coffee maker to start brewing coffee before you wake up in the morning, but some of those commercial espresso machines will also allow you to enjoy coffee immediately after waking up without having to wait for coffee or water that is already brewed and waiting or an entire pot of coffee sitting around burning on its hot plate.

2. Use cold water to brew your coffee instead of warm or hot water

One useful tip that is worth mentioning is that coffee can be easier if you use cold water instead of warm or hot water. Using lower temperatures will prevent the coffee grounds from losing their flavor too quickly, and it also helps dissolve all the sugars which provide a sweeter taste.

While coffee does go stale within six months, using colder waters to make your coffee can help lock in freshness for up to 12 hours after brewing!

You should try this tip because it’s easy and effective to do at home without any extra equipment needed. Coffee made with cold water stays fresher longer than regular coffee so you won’t have as much wasted coffee!

3. Grind the beans at home before you brew them for better flavor and less mess

Another thing you can do to make coffee easier is to grind the beans at home before you brew them. You’ll be able to fully maximize flavor and minimize the mess when you grind coffee just prior to brewing it because fresh-ground coffee has a richer aroma than pre-packaged ground coffee found in stores.

4. Add cream, milk, sugar, or other flavors to make it taste the way you want it to be 

Everyone likes their coffee to be a certain taste and coffee makers don’t always make the coffee just the way you want it. You can add cream, milk, or even sugar to your coffee to get that perfect flavor that will have you wanting more coffee in the morning.

Coffee should be brewed at 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Coffee should never go over 200 degrees as this is when it becomes bitter tasting which no one likes their coffee being. Many people may think they cannot tell if their coffee is too hot but you should believe that once it reaches those high numbers of heat especially on a standard machine’s heating element inside – you’ll definitely know! It makes for an unpleasant taste so stick with around 190 instead.

5. Get a reusable cup

Having a favorite coffee mug is a great way to start your coffee off right. It creates a positive first impression and makes the coffee taste better than it would in disposable cups. And the best part? No more wasteful plastic cups!

You can get reusable coffee mugs at most stores, or you could even make one yourself if you are feeling crafty. You don’t have to spend money on something new either; just use an old cup that you already own instead of throwing away another cup every time you run out of coffee! We all know how frustrating it can be when we’re running low on coffee halfway through our morning routine, so why not try making coffee easier by using reusable cups?

6. Start brewing your coffee earlier in the day so that it’s ready when you get up from bed!

Last but not least, you can start coffee brewing the night before so that your coffee is ready when you get up from bed. This will save a lot of time and energy during the early morning rush hour!

To ensure good coffee, it’s important to clean equipment regularly with soap and water. 

In order for coffee to taste better, make sure you are taking care of all necessary cleaning by using hot water or dishwashing liquid along with a sponge or brush on any parts that come into contact with coffee beans/grounds as well as filters after each use to avoid build-up. Doing this can significantly improve quality in terms of flavor and aroma over time!


The bottom line, the perfect cup of coffee is an art form. It takes patience and experimentation to find your personal “perfect brew.” The more effort you put into it, the better! And once you do get that perfect flavor down pat, others will be jealous of how delicious your java tastes. So don’t skimp on any steps in this process – especially when choosing what kind of beans to use for brewing or which type of water temperature, to begin with!

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