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Top 6 Qualities You Need to Look For in a Roofer

The roofing process has gained a lot of bad reputation among homeowners over the years. Out of all the home renovation, restoration, or even construction projects, it’s not uncommon for roofing to be high on the list of expenses. That’s a shame, since not all roofing projects demand a hefty sum of money. Since homeowners are rarely familiar with the best roofing practices, it’s easy to fall victim to a dishonest contractor or fail to realize the contractor they’re working with is inexperienced. Looking for a contracting company isn’t always the best answer either, since many roofing companies are only “paper roofers”; they do the administrative work and outsource the roofing to the lowest bidder. Doesn’t that sound like a recipe for an expensive disaster? 


Luckily, there are ways to find good, honest, experienced, and affordable roofers. Here are the top 6 qualities you need to look for in a roofer to avoid being scammed. 

1. They’re Licensed and Insured

If a roofing company refuses to show you their license and/or insurance paper upon request, it’s a huge red flag that you should never deal with them at all. For starters, a roofers’ license ensures that their work meets the regulations and requirements of the local and state governments. In other words, it guarantees a minimum standard for the quality of the final work you’ll get. As for the insurance, it acts as a financial and legal protection barrier in the worst-case scenario that one of the contracted workers gets injured while working on your premises. Without it, you may find yourself liable for their injury and face a personal injury lawsuit out of the blue. Don’t worry though, all the best roofing contractors have all their workers insured.

2. They Have a Strong Portfolio of Previous Projects

Your roof is not a side project that can be neglected. It’s the most important structure and the first to be seen by visitors and passersby. For that, the roofing company you choose should be able to flawlessly turn your roof vision into life, and having a diverse portfolio of the different roofing projects they’ve previously constructed is surely a great place to start. Perhaps it’s even more important to choose roofing services with great reviews since that shows the satisfaction of their previous clients. Before choosing one company, be sure to inspect their website or online channels and browse through all clients’ reviews – especially the bad ones. 

3. They Operate Locally

Let’s say you embarked upon an online company with a stellar portfolio and outstanding reviews. The thing is, they’re a part of a large corporation that operates all over the US… should you go for it? Honestly, it’s better to find a local roofing company; after all, they’ll be the most familiar with the landscape, resources, and needs of your local community. They’re also part of the community, so they’ll never risk ruining their reputation by submitting flawed work. 

4. They Provide Written Quotes 

Once you find a promising company, it’s time to start the line of conversation and see if they’re a good fit. After discussing the roof installation process and reaching a consensus, the most pressing question is to inquire about the budget. Don’t just ask them for the final price, request a written quote that covers the cost of materials, construction, and any other additional expenses. 

5. They Provide a Detailed Roofing Plan

A lot of homeowners get so fixated on the budget that they forget to request an even more important document: the roofing plan. Knowing the budget and cost breakdown of the materials is great, but what good will that do you if you have no idea when they’ll start and end the project? Rather than blindly trusting them to do their job, it’s crucial to have a plan and make sure they’re moving according to the timeline. 

6. Their Ensure Their Work with Warranty

Reputable roofing contractors know the quality of their work. They know it can withstand the sands of time. That’s why they’ll be quick to offer a warranty on the materials and construction of their roofs to gain your trust and guarantee a satisfactory experience. Honestly, it’s necessary for a project as expensive as a roof. 


When looking for a good roofing contractor, it’s crucial to find one with a few qualities to avoid being scammed. Once you do enough research, you should be able to find one who is licensed, insured, operating locally, and have plenty of experience with a long list of satisfied customers. Don’t forget to ask for a written quote, a detailed roofing plan, and a certificate of warranty. 

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