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Top 6 Ways To Calm Down After A Panic Attack

A panic attack is a very scary experience. You might be thinking there is something wrong with you, but this is actually a normal response to the fight or flight system of your body. Your body goes into survival mode and releases hormones that make it possible for you to take action. When you feel panic attack symptoms, it’s important that you stay as calm as possible until they subside. Getting better at controlling panic attacks now will help keep them from occurring in the future. By learning how to deal with these situations after they occur, you can break the cycle of worrying about when or where the next one will happen.

Try CBD Hemp Flowers

CBD hemp flowers are one option that can help you stay calm during a panic attack. CBD is known to have anti-anxiety effects, which makes it possible for you to handle your symptoms better. It binds to CB1 receptors in your brain which can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, racing thoughts, paranoia, mood swings, etc. People often report feeling calmer within just a few minutes of using smokable CBD Hemp Flowers following an attack. The high that you experience is very mellow, so there’s no chance of making the situation worse or having negative side effects. 

Practice Mindfulness Meditation


Another tool you can use to keep your stress levels under control when dealing with panic attacks is mindfulness meditation. This involves focusing on what’s happening now and accepting whatever thoughts or feelings are coming up without judgment. When you stop worrying about what might happen in the future or dwelling on what’s already happened, it becomes easier to stay calm and in control.

You can practice mindfulness meditation by taking a few calming breaths and focusing on your surroundings. Don’t go on autopilot but instead try to experience everything as fully as possible. This will help you pay attention to the sensations that are happening right now without interpreting them or judging them. If you notice yourself having thoughts about the future or the past, don’t worry about it too much. Instead of allowing those thoughts to drag you down, acknowledge them and then refocus on your present state again. 

Consider an Anxiety Supplement 

An anxiety supplement is another option that can be helpful when dealing with panic attacks. The ingredients in these supplements increase serotonin production which makes it easier for you to cope with overwhelming emotions. You might have some uncomfortable side effects when taking one of these supplements for the first time, but you will likely notice an improvement quickly. 

There are also natural and chemical supplements that you can implement in your diet to improve your mental and cognitive functions and help you with your anxiety. Well-researched and compound formulas in some nootropics such as Chemical Planet and Brainfit are designed to improve mental performance and are widely used for their stress-relieving properties. However, always seek medical advice before taking any supplements to make a safe choice.

Know Your Triggers

One of the most effective ways to stop panic attacks before they happen is to identify your triggers. Understanding what causes your own panic attacks will help you know how to handle them when they happen again in the future. It’s important for people who experience these reactions to often pinpoint exactly what sets them off so that they can avoid it in the future. For example, if you notice that smoke makes you feel nervous, work harder on staying clear of places where there are lots of fires or smokers.

Listen To The Right Music


Listening to music that has a calming effect on your brainwaves helps relieve stress and bring you back to a state of balance. Studies have shown that music can raise your heart rate, reduce stress hormones, lower blood pressure, and slow brain waves in the same way that deep breathing does. There are some songs that you will find helpful while some may not be good for you especially when you are feeling panic attacks symptoms. For example, if you are listening to heavy metal music then it would not be best suited for calming down after a panic attack. On the other hand, listening to classical music or something with more gentle tones helps calm the mind.

Be Mindful of Your Diet

When you’re under strong stress or experiencing panic attacks, it’s important to maintain good nutrition so that your body doesn’t become depleted of key nutrients. It’s equally important to avoid anything that could worsen your symptoms or make them last longer. Some people find that caffeine and sugar can trigger panic attacks, so cutting those out of your diet completely may help manage the condition.

Although these tips may not stop every panic attack you experience, they should help reduce their intensity and make it easier to control yourself. If you suffer from this condition often, it’s important to have a plan in place so that you know what to do if an attack starts. By being prepared for when things get bad, you will feel calmer overall which can keep your stress levels low even on difficult days.


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