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Top 6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Who doesn’t want a glistening, sparkling, fresh-smelling home? If you’re walking into your home and you feel like you want to do something to freshen it up, there are various steps you can take. We’ll take a look at some of the simple ways you can make your home seem fresher, cleaner, and tidier within a short space of time. 

1. Include Some Plants


It’s amazing how nature can instantly brighten up your home and make it seem fresher. Not only do plants have the ability to improve air quality around your home, but they come in so many different sizes and species that you’re bound to find something perfect for you. 

You can choose from greenery and shrubs suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, or colorful flowers that will bloom over and over in your living spaces when given the right conditions. Before buying any plants, check to see which would be most suitable in your home – whether it’s shady, sunny, or filtered light.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

Moving some of your furniture around can help you to feel like you’re living in a fresher and cleaner space. It is also an opportunity to clean behind furniture and large items that you might not have moved for a while. You can rearrange the furniture in your living room, bedroom, dining room, and any other spaces where you feel like juggling things around might help to freshen up your home.

3. Repaint Your Home


Sometimes, the feeling that your home is lacking freshness stems from paint and wallpaper which has been there for years. Even if you spend time cleaning regularly, there will come a time when you need to consider redecorating and giving your home a fresh coat of paint. 

The extent to which you redecorate should depend on the condition of your home and its décor and furnishings. You could go further and change the carpets or flooring, but this can be more expensive and time-consuming if you’re looking for quicker ways to freshen up your home. Check out décor and other home goods that might give you inspiration and help with repainting or decorating your home.

4. Throw Out the Things You Don’t Need

If your home doesn’t feel fresh, you might need to start throwing away some of the clutter that has been gathering. In some homes, this is all that is needed to instantly transform the rooms and create more space. If you feel like you have a lot of things to throw away, start with one room at a time and work your way through until you have completely de-cluttered your home

5. Clean Your Home Regularly

Spending 20-30 minutes every couple of days to do a quick clean around the home can help to keep it fresher and cleaner. Once a week or fortnight, spend time on a deeper clean to allow you to access hidden areas you wouldn’t otherwise cover in a quicker clean. 

Use safe cleaning products and agents which are suitable for use on different surfaces, to ensure that by regularly cleaning you are not unintentionally causing damage to any furniture or other surfaces. 

6. Tidy Up the Entrance


The entrance to your home is the first thing that you and your guests see when they arrive. Keeping this area tidy can help you to feel like your entire home is fresher. Sweep any leaves away from the path, clean doormats regularly, and include air fresheners or other fragrances to make the hallway smell amazing! 

Freshening up your home can be done in a variety of ways depending on what works for you and the time you have available. Regularly cleaning, looking after your home décor, and keeping clutter at bay can help you to achieve a fresher, cleaner home in no time!

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