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Top 7 Life Hacks to Help Depression

Depression is a medical condition negatively affecting our feelings, thoughts, and activities, resulting in an overall sad feeling. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, depression affects more than 16.1 million individuals in the USA. It is labeled as the top cause for disability of individuals aged 15 to 43. Currently, the COVID-19 has been adversely affecting everyone’s mental health. According to Statista, the ratio of adults reporting depressive symptoms surged from 11% to more than 41% from 2019 to the beginning of 2021. These stats are indicative of the detrimental effects of COVID-19 on mental health. However, the good news is that you can control depression through various organic hacks! These include lifestyle changes, diet alterations, sleep cycle regulation, taking therapy, and incorporating supplements like Lion’s Mane Extract, vitamin b12 liquid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, liquid biotin, etc. We’d brief you about the organic ways to ward off your depressive episodes and better manage the condition through this article. So what’re we waiting for? Let’s dive right into the article! 

1. Exercise

Experts recommend including exercise as a therapeutic alternative for depression to doctors, as research indicates that working out can boost people’s mental and physical wellbeing. A 2015 research showed that exercise could work as an antidepressant. Several forms of exercise are recommended by professionals; however, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and brisk walking have been marked as depression relievers. 

2. Avoiding Stress

The best tip for everyone suffering from depression is to start avoiding stress, why you may think! Because according to research conducted in 2015, there is a link between stress and depression. There are various ways to avoid the stress, some of which include, 

  • Taking breaks from work.
  • Meditation.
  • Breathing exercises.
  • Yoga etc.

3. Sleep Regulation

Yes! Sleep regulation indeed. The sure way to avoid depression is by controlling one’s sleep cycle, as the experts have reported a strong association between insomnia (lack of sleep) and depression. Insomnia might exacerbate the depressive episodes and is considered as one of the symptoms of depression. Sleep cycle regulating activities include, 

  • Having a sleep routine.
  • Avoiding bulky meals.
  • Avoiding caffeine.
  • Reducing mobile phone usage before sleep. 


4. Diet Regulation

Consuming a healthy diet is the most effective way to tackle depression. Research reported that dietary improvement like green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, fish, and soybean products positively affects the symptoms of depression. But how to eat all these foods at once? 

The sure answer is vitamin supplements. 

  • B12 drops
  • Liquid biotin
  • Lion’s Mane Extract 
  • Vitamin C 

They all have been reported to relieve depression and improve mood.  You can buy them now

5. Alcohol and drug abuse Reduction

Depression can also be warded off by laying low on your alcohol and drug consumption. Since the use of alcohol and drugs has been reported to exacerbate depressive episodes and increase the risk of depression. Experts note that cutting back on one’s alcohol and drug intake is often linked to reduced depression symptoms.  

6. Therapy

Therapy is the sure way for individuals struggling with depression to overcome it, identify its causes, and look out for practical remedies. Therapy alternatives include, 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- assisting individuals in reforming their thoughts and activity. 
  • Psychoanalysis- involving a peek into the past issues.
  • Counseling for particular circumstances, like grief. 
  • Support groups- with support from similar individuals. 

7. Avoiding common triggers

The symptoms of depression are known to reduce after avoiding common triggers for depression. A variety of factors are known to trigger depression, and these stimuli vary from person to person. However, some of the common triggers include,

  • Exposure to upsetting news.
  • Watching a disturbing movie.
  • Some other disturbing content on social media.
  • Overdose of alcohol or drugs
  • Reduced sleep

If the triggers are unavoidable, the individuals may try to reduce their exposure to the stimuli, like checking social media sites, email and news once a day. 


In this article, we presented you with the tried-and-tested natural hacks to ward off depression. These tips include sleep regulation, exercise, stress avoidance, alcohol reduction, therapy, and diet improvement. 

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