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Top 7 Steps How To Completely Rebuild Your Home

You may find yourself in a position where you long for nothing more than your “Dream House”, however, your home’s current structure may not allow for all the possibilities. In this case, you may opt for a complete overhaul, wherein your home is not just simply renovated but completely rebuilt. 

Such a colossal project will be inevitably overwhelming and stressful; therefore, it is unequivocally vital that you take it one step at a time and thoroughly plan out each step of the process.

Draw Up Plans

First things first, you will need to draw up plans for your dream home. You may even draw up plans as a draft before hiring a professional to refine your work. This will give you and the construction company a clear idea of what you want and how to achieve this. It is also important to not be too ambitious, although this is your dream home, it needs to be achievable for the construction company and maintainable for yourself. 


Set a Budget

There is no escaping the fact that a complete rebuild will cost money, but it is up to you to determine how much. Once your plans are drawn up, investigate how much each component will roughly cost and use this foundation to set a budget. Helpfully, there are various budget planners available online to assist you with setting a budget and keeping track of your spending.

Consider Your Space

Once given a fresh slate, it can be tempting to overestimate what can be done with the space available to you. You simply cannot fill land that you do not have so do not try and squeeze massively extravagant structures into non-existent space.

Acquire Planning Permission

For such an elaborate project, you will need to obtain the relevant planning permission from your local council. If you fail to acquire the correct planning permission and continue with the rebuild, you can be served an “enforcement notice”, which orders you to undo all of the changes that you have made. 

Demolish Your Current Structure

For a complete overhaul, you will need to select a demolition company to tear down your current structure in order to create a clean slate for your new one. You will need to ensure that the demolition companies are aware of your requirements so that they can ensure that, not only the structure is removed, but the land is cleared for the development of your new structure. 


Select Your Construction Company

When selecting your construction company, you will need to make your plans, expectations, and budget known to them. They will then be able to personalize your experience and ensure that they deliver on the “Dream House” that you are after. 

Consider Your Calendar

Unfortunately, a complete rebuild will be extremely time-consuming and there is no escaping this. Even with the best construction company and the most intricate planning, some things will simply not be possible when restricted to a specific deadline. You will need to consider where you will be living during the rebuild, as, for obvious reasons, you cannot stay in a demolished property. 


Completely rebuilding your home will never be an easy feat; it may well overwhelm you and contribute to your growing stress levels. However, once you finally step into your “Dream Home” for the first time, all this stress will melt away. 

When your home is completely personalized, you will feel an immense sense of comfort and tranquillity. It is important to thoroughly plan and complete each step one at a time before you are finally gifted with a unique and exciting space!

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