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Top Places You Can Visit in California for Passover

If you are considering a Passover vacation in California you are going to be delighted with all of the different things there are to do while you are there. Most people say that they have visited California during Passover more than once because there are so many things to do that you cannot possibly do it all in just one week.


The weather and the beaches are two of the main reasons why people choose California as a vacation destination. California weather is almost perfect every day of the year. It is warm but not distressfully humid like Texas, and the sun shines more often than not.

That makes California perfect for shorts, swimsuits, and outdoor fun.


Visit the Iconic Hollywood Sign

Almost everyone is familiar with the Hollywood sign that juts out over the cliffs in the Hollywood Hills. While you are in California you can hike up to the Hollywood sign and take the opportunity to snap a few pictures of you up close to this icon. You can get in close proximity but you cannot get close enough to actually touch the sign.

If you are not the hiking type you can go to the observation tower and ride the elevator up to get a spectacular visual of the sign.

Visit Big Sur

You do not want to go to California and miss the opportunity to see one of the most breathtaking areas in the state. The drive up to Big Sur is filled with scenic splendors and you will see areas where the waves are crashing into the sides of the cliffs, and areas that are made up of gently sloping hills.

There are lighthouses, waterfalls, crags, and canyons to delight your senses. This is an outdoor adventure that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Go to the Boardwalk in Venice Beach

This boardwalk is one of the main attractions in California. There are always plenty of people and plenty of activity happening along the boardwalk.

Enjoy the performers juggling and the street musicians serenading the crows. Food truck owners park along the boardwalk and sell some of the most amazing foods you can imagine. You can see a fortune teller or you can just take a seat and do some people watching.

The Home of Death Valley

If you want to see iconic places then you want to see Death Valley before you leave California. Death Valley National Park is home to the most extreme and captivating landscapes in all of the United States. 

It is the area that comes to mind when you think about the old wes and the dangerous lives of the people back in the 1800s.

The sand dunes and rocky canyons are filled with dangers like poisonous snakes and spiders, and little water.

Go to Furnace Creek where the temperatures are some of the hottest on the entire planet. Go to Badwater Basin and see the cracked salt flats. The landscape is beautiful, rugged, and surprisingly alluring.

Stargazing in the park is one of the feature activities. There are no man-made lights close by to dull the beauty of the stars above you. This is a great area for camping, biking, hiking and more.

Go See the OUE Skyspace

This is an observation deck that is perched on one of the tallest hills in California. While you are ascending try not to think about the fact that the way down is a ride on a glass slide! The slide is perfectly safe to use but your heart will jump into your throat and your pulse will be pounding as you slide down from the observation deck and are able to see everything below, above and around you.


No recommendations for things to do in California can be complete without the suggestion that you visit Disneyland.

Disneyland is packed with activities, places to eat, rides and thrills. You can actually spend several days at Disneyland and not do everything the adventure park offers.

There are jungle cruises and haunted houses to explore. There are restaurants, arcades, emporiums, cafes, shops, and rides to enjoy.

Rodeo Drive


If you like to shop, and you like the finer things then you have to go to Rodeo Drive and shop where the stars, and the elite people shop. Stop in the boutiques, the small cafes and enjoy the luxury that is part of this fantastic shopping district.

The Winchester Mystery House

If you like stories of intrigue then you will love the story behind the Winchester Mystery house. The house is enormous and its design and layout make no sense. There are hallways that go nowhere and hundreds of rooms, staircases, and doors to enter.

The stories say that Sarah Winchester built the house to confuse the ghosts of the people who were killed by the rifles her family was famous for making. 

See Alcatraz

Alcatraz is the most famous penitentiary and was the incarceration place of many famous mobsters, gangsters, and criminal masterminds. You can actually take a ride out and tour the cell blocks and the interior of the prison.

There is also a lighthouse and an abandoned military fortress on the island with the prison. You can see where Al Capone was sent and where Machine Gun Kelly was locked up. Imagine what it would be like to try and escape from that remote and treacherous island.

Beaches, National Parks, Redwood Forests

There are numerous activities in California for every type of traveler. If you want five-star hotels and to have waited on hand and foot you will find that available. If you want to see geysers and the expanse of the Redwood forest then California has the right parks and attractions for you.

California is diverse, it is rich in history and it has scenic areas that are unlike any other area in the United States.

Final Thoughts

Passover in California is possibly the best choice you can make. It offers fresh air, warm sunshine, and the ability to get out and see the wonders that God created. I find as the best and most straightforward website featuring Passover programs listings

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