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Top Stylistic Options To Consider For The Ideal Rustic Home Aesthetic

The rustic home aesthetic has been making a strong comeback in recent times with home interior designers and DIYers looking for inspiration from traditional rustic settings. It is absolutely an attractive home aesthetic to have, but not many people know where to begin with this aesthetic.

Just like any home aesthetic, the rustic aesthetic has specific characteristics that make it what it is and separate it from similar but different aesthetics; such as cottage core.

The rustic aesthetic is meant to feel homely, cosy, but not necessarily neat or pristine. Think of an old farmer’s home or ranch sitting atop acres of land. 

With this in mind, here are some fixtures and furnishings to consider to carve out that homely, rustic feel for your home.


Do Away With Wallpaper

This first tip is more a furnishing and fixture you could try and avoid to really elevate your rustic look. If your room has a bare brick wall behind your wallpaper or paint layers, then consider stripping all this off to stick with the bare brick.

Bare brick is an excellent way to start crafting that rustic look as it looks great, is minimal effort, and can be easily decorated.

If you don’t have bare brick, try going with wooden panelling with a varnish that will match the look you are going for. Try dark stained oak, that’s usually a trustworthy option.

Invest In A Radiator That Matches

Radiators can be a huge plus to a rustic aesthetic, but you want to avoid having a radiator with literal rust (because this can look pretty bad). Instead, going for a radiator that compliments the bare, homely aesthetic while keeping its rough-cut look is what you should try going for.

Cast iron radiators are an exceptional type of radiator that can serve this aesthetic function while giving you a great heating element for your home.

Even if you don’t want to replace your radiators, try to keep them exposed, and decorate them in tune with the visuals you are going for. 

Keep Your Varnish Inconsistent and Weathered

The whole charm of the rustic aesthetic can come from a weathered look, and wood is the easiest material to sculpt this weather look for. Applying different coats of varnish, or varnish in slightly differing quantities can give your wood weathered visuals.

This is relatively easy and cost-effective to implement into a home design. And as most wood will need varnishing in order to keep it good and make sure it lasts, it also has a functional purpose too.

That being said it is important to keep your varnish inconsistent if looking to go for a rustic look. Part of the rustic look is having things looking aged, but aged with grace. Having a consistent varnish across wooden fixtures and fixings may look too sculpted, which will be counterproductive for this design.

Try, but don’t try too hard!

A Final Note

Go for what makes you happy, and what you like. Looking around online for inspiration is great, and taking some suggestions even more so, but don’t let others decide your home for you. 

Forge something that is unique and original to you that you are happy to call yours.


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