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Top Tips How To Book UI/UX Design Services Efficiently

When you dream of a new app, you want to make it as attractive for users as possible. Feelings, thoughts, associations caused by usage of your product – all these determine whether people will use the app again and again and recommend it to their friends and acquaintances. 

First impression…There is no way to make it twice. That’s why it’s essential to pay enough attention to unsurpassed UI/UX. Ul/UX design services include a wide range of different research and creative activities that have a target to satisfy and exceed users expectations.


According to statistics, there are about 25% applications at Google Play that were used only once. Tangled usability, unclear features, out of date design…Thеsе weaknesses don’t contribute to making a product popular. 

Let’s explore how to provide UI/UX that will make your app stand out from competitive products and get customers’ sympathy.

What is UI/UX design

First of all, let’s define what we mean when we are talking about high fidelity UI/UX. There’s a widespread delusion to think of UI/UX design like visual constituents of the app. Partly it coincides with the actual state of affairs. But just partly. The truth is that UI/UX design is a broad concept that reflects a profound logic of the project and can’t be limited by external attributes.

UX design traditionally includes UI design as a visual figuration of interface: icons, colors, pictures, fonts… But the concept of UX design is wider and determines all the features the app consists of, their order and connections, and reflects the synergistic effect of all elements: functions and their design. 

How to create an eye-catching UI/UX design

Like any part of knowledge, creating visual architecture and inner logic of a project requires specific multidisciplinary skills, artistic abilities and related experience. 

Talented UI/UX designers usually have a solid background in different domains: psychology, marketing, business analytics, social science and so on. They can juggle this knowledge to build UI/UX design that perfectly suits your project and highlights its value for users. That’s why instead of inventing the wheel it makes sense to hire an experienced UI/UX design agency. 

What UI/UX design services include

The aim of the UX design team is to make your visitors happy. User-friendly, stylish looking, clear and convenient in exploitation the app encourages users to become customers. That’s why professional UX design services aren’t that stage of an app development where you can cut down expenses painlessly. 

Let’s consider what steps to undertake in order to create efficient and captivating UI/UX.

First of all, it’s essential to build the concept of how the user will interact with the app. The UX design team figures out the best way for the user to achieve his aim. But this task can’t be successfully fulfilled if there’s not enough data for it. That’s why the first step towards perfectly tailored UX is market research.

1. Market research lets the UI/UX team see the ways how competitive apps work and to mark effectively functioning interfaces. This information will serve like a foundation for building their own concept. 

2. Creating design concept

Mapping out the user flow is a base for further app development. Keeping in mind all the strengths and weaknesses the competitive products have, the design team invent their own vision of user’s communication with the app. Relying on the essential points of the user flow, creative specialists build several screens. This is necessary to do in order to check whether the vision of the team coincides with the vision of the startup owner. After the agreement about how the app looks, feels and works is established, there is a space for the next step.

3. Prototyping of the app

When the core functions are determined and the number of screens is agreed, it’s time to gather all the components into a system. At this stage, the UX design team’s attention is focused on getting first real feedback from users. When the user flow is smooth and easy, it says that the UX is appropriate and can be fledged into a real app.

4. Creating visual design of the app

Since all the components of information architecture, their order and functions are approved in UX users interviews, the turn comes to visualization of the product. There’s no way to copy creativity from existing solutions. Fresh, stylish and off the wall approach in design requires inspiration, experience and a bit of time. UX experts skillfully juggle fonts, colors, illustrations, animation and other components of visual art in order to create the app that corresponds to your brand tone of voice and identity. 

Finally, you get an attractive clickable prototype that can be used for fundraising or for the next stage – the entire app development process. 


When you are going to release a new vehicle, you need to think over its functionality details and how it will look. You hire an engineer team that constructs what is there under the hood and a design team that defines what color, size, forms and line will its look transmit. The same thing happens to app creation. You need a UX design team to figure out how to make «the engine» of the app work perfectly and a UI design team to hide it under a beautiful hood. 

From the outside it can seem very easy and simple to build a UI/UX design. Just to determine the core features, define the user flow and build its brand identity through visual components. But in practice this process takes enough time and effort. UI/UX design team spends on average about four weeks to complete all the tasks related to the issue. The cost of the UI/UX design services depends on the hourly rates of experts and the scope of work. 

Before selecting a UI/UX design agency, explore portfolio, reviews and principles of work in the team. If you feel their works as engaging and inspiring, this is a sign you are on the path to find designers to cooperate with. 

Trying to outweigh the advantages of different agencies, pay attention to further opportunities. For example, at Purrweb you can book not only UI/UX design, but full-cycle development services. That lets you build a complete version of the app from A to Z in one place. And as long as it boosts the quality of work due to well-established processes, experience and creative abilities of team members, it allows you to save time and effort to deliver the app to the market.

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