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Top Tips How To Use QR Codes in Marketing

QR codes – or quick response codes, to use their full name – can be used to direct people from a physical space to a digital one, simply by scanning a barcode-like image using their camera.

These codes were created in the 1990s by a subsidiary of Toyota for use in improving the manufacturing process of its cars. Since then, they have gradually grown in popularity and in breadth of purpose.


As QR codes can be placed on anything from business cards to billboards, it makes them a highly versatile marketing method. Now, we see QR codes being used in almost every kind of business – and their ubiquity has become even more pronounced through their deployment as part of the NHS Test and Trace system during the Covid-19 pandemic, making it easy to quickly gather details.

The simple power of a convenient redirect to any digital space makes QR codes an extremely useful tool in the modern marketing arsenal. Below, we’ll explore how they work and some potential ways in which you could incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

How do they work?

QR codes work as do barcodes in a supermarket. The QR code consists of black dots which represent pieces of data that can be alphanumeric, numeric, binary or kanji. Once scanned using a smartphone camera, your device will translate that information into something more recognisably meaningful – a website link, for example. 

Creating these codes is easy, with a plethora of QR code generators available on the internet; you won’t have to teach yourself how to code in order to incorporate them into your strategy! Simply enter the link to where you want the QR code to take people and the generator will do the rest.

How can a QR code be used to market a business?

Your mind is probably already abuzz with ideas for how your business can use QR codes – here are a few more popular and effective options to consider.

Scan to receive a discount coupon

Discounts are a great way to retain your customers but physical coupons are a hassle for them to remember to bring with them on return visits. Instead, offer customers a discount by asking them to scan your QR code which gives them a digital coupon – smartphones are so indispensable that people will almost never visit your business without their phone handy, so no need to worry about not having it to hand when they want it. 

Get customer feedback

Customer feedback is hard to acquire due to it taking too much time out of people’s day. Make it quicker and easier by having a QR code that takes them straight to your review website. Your customers are more likely to fill it out if it’s convenient to access.

Find more followers

Create a QR code that goes straight to your social media accounts. You’ll drive more traffic to your various accounts, which is likely to result in more followers and help to grow your brand further.

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