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Top Tips on Traveling During the Holiday Season


Traveling during the holiday season can be tricky. It is also one of the busiest times of the year because many people go from one place of the world to another to see relatives they have not seen in a while. That is what holidays are for: family time.

Whether you are heading across town to see your family or across the country to visit your grandchild, there are some things you need to know about when traveling during these special days to make your experience enjoyable without feeling stressed out and frazzled.

Here are our top 8 tips that will help you make your future trips easier:

1) Get organized

Holidays are a wonderful time to spend with family and friends. But it can also be stressful when you’re going to see all of your loved ones.

If you have one thing on your mind during these hectic weeks, it should be getting organized. Preparation is key for a stress-free holiday season where you enjoy all of the festivities.

There are many things to remember when you’re traveling during holidays. Make sure to create a list and make it detailed before you go. Include travel arrangements, packing items, the contact information of people you might need help from, medications, and anything else important to your trip.

2) Book your travel early

Book your travel early through your favorite booking sites or check out Travelpass, especially if you’re traveling during the peak season. Not only will you get a better price, but you’ll have more options and availability. Book your flight as earlier from your departure date as possible to ensure available seats.

And don’t forget: if you’re flying within the United States, check TSA travel tips for holiday travelers to make sure you understand what restrictions they may have in place.

Likewise, international travelers should read up on customs regulations of their destination country and when prohibited items could be confiscated.

Remember to pack everything into small bags that can be easily handled by airline personnel (no oversized luggage!).

If you’re checking into a hotel or bed & breakfast during your travels, always call ahead before arriving so they know how many guests will be staying and which room type is being reserved. Lots of people are considering Excellence, Punta Cana as their first option so make sure to have everything booked ahead of time if you plan on going there. This will give you peace of mind, and the hotel staff won’t have to scramble if you get there late.

3) Consider alternative transportation

Consider alternative transportation during your travels to save money, avoid crowds, and stay safe.

Flights are expensive, and if you don’t have spare cash, consider taking a bus. You could also carpool with friends or family members for a cheaper ride.

However, if you are carpooling with someone you are unfamiliar with, be sure to check their identity on Nuwber to stay safe.

Be mindful of when trains stop running so you will be fine getting home at night.

4) Check the weather forecast

The holiday season is a great time to travel and experience different cultures, but it can also be challenging if you don’t prepare. Plan your trip before you get to the place to have peace of mind and be better prepared for any curveballs that could happen.

Before you fly out to your destination, check the weather forecast and flight schedules since delays are common at this time of the year.

Dress appropriately by choosing the right clothes for the weather condition of the country you’re going to.

If you are driving or taking public transportation, ensure you leave plenty of extra time for unexpected traffic and road closures due to increased snowfall or accidents.

Bring an emergency kit with jumper cables, flares, tire chains, a first-aid kit, a flashlight with batteries, and more.

5) Pack wisely

Packing wisely is important to ensure you have everything you need while traveling. Pack what you need for your trip and leave unnecessary items at home.

Remember that airline baggage weight limits are usually checked before boarding, so pack as light as possible without sacrificing what is necessary. If you need an item during the flight, put it in a carry-on bag that you will be allowed to take on the plane.

Pack a go kit of essentials such as medications, toiletries, and travel documents inside your carry-on bag just in case your luggage gets lost or delayed by the airline.

Pack appropriate shoes, comfortable slippers, rain boots (if needed). Consider taking a garment bag or rolling clothes instead of folding them to save space and minimize wrinkles.

Keep valuables safe in a money belt worn under clothing, and stash jewelry in empty eyeglass cases or purses.

Bring an extra set of chargers for devices like cell phones, cameras, and laptops. Buy insurance coverage from the airline ahead of time to cover expenses for lost luggage.

Carry ID with you at all times, including copies on digital devices like phones or tablets.

6) Bring snacks

If you’re traveling during the holiday season, it’s important to have something to eat in case your flight is delayed or canceled due to snow or other circumstances. It can also be helpful if your flight arrives at night and you need a snack before finding your way to a hotel.

Be sure to bring healthy food like nuts and dried fruit because high sugar might make it harder for you to sleep on your flight. Also, bringing snacks with you may save money since airport prices are often higher than grocery stores near home.

However, not all airports allow passengers to bring outside food, so check ahead.

Sometimes people get hungry on long car trips too. When driving over 50 miles from home, consider bringing non-perishable items such as canned soup, trail mix, or granola bars. You should also pack water bottles and juice boxes because you never know when you are thirsty.

7) Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for everyone, especially during holidays when it is easy to forget about healthy habits. Drink a glass of water before eating or drinking anything else. And pack plenty of bottled water in your carry-on and other bags when traveling this season.

The more you keep up with staying hydrated, the less likely you are to get dehydrated which can make you feel weak, tired, and dizzy.

8) Have a backup plan

If you’re traveling during this time of the year, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case your flight or other travel plans are delayed.

Remember that driving may not be an option if there is inclement weather at your destination, so make sure you are prepared with alternative transportation options and plenty of extra food and water.

Wrap Up!

If you are planning to travel during the holiday season or have family members traveling during this time frame, it is important to keep these tips in mind.

Remember to book your flights as early as possible, be flexible with your itinerary, research potential travel destinations and their climates, dress appropriately, pack light and bring a carry-on bag.

With this advice in mind, you can rest assured that you’ll have a stress-free holiday season.

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