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Want To Get Into Harvard? Here’s What You Need To Know


Harvard is one of the top universities in the country, and it is renowned worldwide for providing top-quality education and prestigious qualifications.

Getting into Harvard is tough due to the competition and high admission requirements. However, with a strong application and extensive academic background, you have just as much chance of successfully gaining a place at Harvard as any other applicant.

To help you gain a place on your desired Harvard University course, we have compiled a list of top tips on how to get into Harvard.

Apply As Early As Possible

Every college sets deadlines that applicants must meet when applying for a particular course. The acceptance rate for early applicants is around 7.6%, compared to just 2.6% for regular applicants.

An early application showcases your organizational skills and demonstrates your strong passion for Harvard University. It also gives admissions teams more time to review your application, meaning they can understand the complexities of your experience, skills, and qualifications.

Plus, an early application means you’re more likely to get an earlier decision and achieve college success. In turn, you’ll spend less time worrying about whether you’ve been successful or not and can plan the upcoming years more easily.

Meet The Harvard University Requirements

Harvard University has strict criteria that all successful applicants must meet. Failing to meet just one of the following requirements could put your place at Harvard in jeopardy: 

  • High school GTA (the average GPA score of successful Harvard applicants is 4.2)
  • High ACT and SAT scores (above 24 and 1200, respectively)
  • College essay to convey strong writing skills and academic abilities
  • Highly marked coursework in either an advanced or honors course (or courses) to display your excellent academic skills
  • Extracurricular activities that display leadership, passion, and commitment
  • Letter of recommendation to provide an unbiased and holistic representation of your academic abilities, work ethic, and personable characteristics. This may be from a teacher, mentor, or employer.

Again, this is where organizing and submitting your application as early as possible will be helpful in increasing your success. You can ensure you meet as many of the requirements as possible to maximize your chance of gaining a place on your desired course.

Showcase Your Personality And Individuality

The admissions team at Harvard University isn’t just searching for applicants with impressive academic achievements. They also look for applications showcasing the candidate’s personality and interests.

As part of your application, make sure to include details about your out-of-school activities and hobbies. Include information about any volunteering or charity work you’ve completed and how it helped to develop your skills or expand your knowledge.

You should aim to weave your personality into your application while remaining professional throughout. The college essay is a great area of your application to display your individuality and unique qualities, and make your name stand out to the admissions staff above the sea of other applicants.

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