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What Are THC-O Capsules? The Benefits and Downsides


The growing body of research outlining the potential benefits of marijuana has led to an increase in its use. Most people who use MMJ do so to enjoy the intoxicating high caused by delta-9-THC. However, consumers are starting to discover other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. For their part, manufacturers are finding new ways to bring exciting compounds to the market.

THC-O distillate is one such cannabinoid. It is synthesized via a chemical process using a colorless, highly-inflammable liquid called acetic anhydride. The process involves converting CBD extracted from hemp into delta-8-THC. Then the acetic anhydride is added to the delta-8 molecules to create THC-O.

It is a highly intoxicating compound available in many forms, including tinctures, vape liquid, and edibles. However, THC-O capsules like are gaining a wider following too. In this article, we investigate this fascinating product, outlining its pros and cons.

What Are THC-O Capsules?

THC-O capsules are an easy-to-use alternative to an oil, tincture, or vape liquid. They contain the same THC-O acetate as THC-O oil and consist of a casing that keeps the liquid inside. Using one is as easy as swallowing it with water and going about your day. Here are three reasons why this product has become so popular.

1 – Convenience & Ease of Consumption

Pharmaceutical companies have known for a long time that the public prefers capsules as a consumption method. THC-O capsules follow this trend and are extremely easy to swallow. There is also a perception that capsules are gentler on the stomach than other methods of consumption.

Another great thing about THC-O capsules is that you can carry them around, and no one will know. That is, if you put them in a plain container rather than one with flashy colors that says ‘THC-O capsules’ on it!

2 – Precise Dosing

This is a pretty important benefit, given the potency of THC-O. While there isn’t any official data outlining the exact strength of the cannabinoid, it is believed to have up to triple the potency of delta-9-THC. Therefore, if you feel intoxicated after using 15mg of delta-9, just 5mg of THC-O could have a similar effect.

With THC-O capsules, you know exactly how much of the cannabinoid is in each pill. Please note that some brands offer 25mg THC-O capsules, so you may want to gauge your tolerance before trying one.

3 – A Unique High

According to users of THC-O capsules, the intoxicating high is different from anything they’ve tried. Indeed, some people suggest that they enjoy an introspective and spiritual feeling. You might also find that you feel more creative when using THC-O, and the cerebral high doesn’t spread to the body, so there is no couch-lock sensation to worry about.

Are There Any Downsides of THC-O Capsules?

Yes. While there are plenty of benefits associated with THC-O capsules, there are a few issues to consider.

1 – Slow Acting

It can take up to two hours for a THC-O capsule to have an effect, depending on factors such as your body chemistry, metabolism, and whether you use it on a full or empty stomach. If you’re impatient, you may prefer THC-O vape juice as it provides a rapid effect. However, there is something quite appealing in waiting patiently for what is a unique experience.

2 – Legality

Although a recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit appeared to open the door for THC-O capsules to be sold legally across the United States, it isn’t that straightforward. Even though the compound isn’t federally illegal, individual states have the right to decide whether it should be permitted or prohibited.

Due to a lack of regulation and genuine safety concerns, several states are looking to outlaw THC-O. Therefore, you must check local laws to ensure the cannabinoid is legal. It is also wise to buy THC-O capsules from reputable brands such as Premium Jane.

3 – Adverse Effects

The high potency of THC-O capsules may prove too much for some users. If you’re a THC novice, it is best to try delta-8-THC as it is about one-sixth as potent. Side effects from THC-O can include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and even seizures in extreme cases.

Final Thoughts on THC-O Capsules

Those who buy THC-O capsules from a trustworthy source often have a fun time when they use the product sensibly. However, the cannabinoid is uncontrolled, unstudied, and semi-synthetic. Therefore, it could cause harm if you buy it from a black-market source or the product doesn’t have an updated lab report.

Please enjoy THC-O capsules responsibly. Learn your limits and stick rigidly to them.

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