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10 Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Hulu While Vacationing In UK


Hulu is known to be fantastic for many reasons. The streaming service not only puts thousands of well-known television and movie titles at your fingertips but also offers many suggestions and shortcuts to enhance your viewing experience.

It is a perfect travel companion. Therefore we did a bit of our homework and compiled some of the best Hulu hacks available to help you step up your streaming game and watch Hulu in UK.

1.    Access Hulu in the UK

The fact that regional limitations drastically restrict the availability of global content in various nations is one of the main reasons consumers haven’t yet cut the cord. This implies that you won’t be able to use Hulu if you ever leave the country for whatever reason.

The frequently advised technique is to utilize a premium VPN that supports video streaming. Private Internet Access is the most recommended VPN since it is reasonably priced and respects your privacy, but many others are worthwhile to use. Just be sure to review these widespread VPN misunderstandings and myths before registering to use one.

2.    Create your profile

It’s inevitable that anyone with whom you share an account would have diverse preferences for movies and television. Fortunately, Hulu lets you set up up to six different profiles so your family, friends, and even kids can have a customized streaming experience based on their tastes and watching habits.

The procedure for setting up a new profile will change significantly depending on whether you use a computer, mobile device, or smart TV. On the internet, you can make a profile by clicking “Manage Profiles” while your mouse is above your profile in the upper right corner of the screen.

3.    Track the latest episode with the Watchlist

The Watchlist function of Hulu, which is the most straightforward and most practical of all, is what makes it superior to Netflix or Prime Video. With so many excellent series available on Hulu, maintaining a well-organized watchlist may be challenging. Because of this, it’s convenient that Hulu instantly adds new episodes to your Watchlist once they become available.

Simply go to the website for the desired program and select the + watchlist option next to the rating to accomplish this. Your Watchlist will move the program to the top when new episodes become available.

4.    Clean your Watch History

An uninteresting title in your Watch History is the fastest way to screw up your Hulu algorithm. By eliminating undesired tags from your Watch History on the Home menu and using the Stop Suggesting option to prevent unwanted suggestions from surfacing, you can keep your queue clear of titles you don’t want in your Keep Watching feed.

5.    Change the video quality from default

UHD stands for ultra-high definition video quality, sometimes referred to as 4K. High definition (HD) is like that, but better. For those unaware, 4K offers a picture resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels or roughly four times that of HD videos.

Most streaming services allow you to access and watch 4K material if you have a device that can handle it, such as the Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. You need one of the five devices Hulu supports to stream 4K video on them.

6.    Customize your subtitles

Hulu has a set of Worldwide digital content available on it. This implies that you must rely on subtitles for various international films and television programs. But everyone knows how bothersome they can become, particularly if you have no control over them.

Hulu gives you complete control over subtitles, letting you adjust everything from the text size to the color of the subtitles. You won’t have to be concerned about those annoying, random subtitles anymore. Simply alter them to suit your tastes and stream your favorite movie or shows.

7.    Up your search game

The excellent search engine on Hulu lets you narrow down the results in great depth. Even though the menu is a little challenging to find, once you do, you can see just how much video material Hulu offers.

Search for anything at random in the search field to open the Advanced Video Search option. In the upper right corner of the search results page, Advanced Video Search is printed in a small type.

8.    Look up for Bundle

Most of our recommendations are technical, but it would be careless of us to overlook the reality that nobody in the world should be required to pay individually for ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu.

All three services are available from the Disney organization for a flat $14 per month, which is $6 cheaper than paying them separately. If you are one of the few who is a huge fan of college baseball and The Handmaid’s Tale, then this is definitely something to consider.

9.    Download your favorite shows offline

Like other streaming services, Hulu lets you download episodes and movies to your mobile device to watch them offline. However, Hulu requires an ad-free subscription plan to enjoy this feature, which may be advantageous if you’re traveling or in a remote area without access to Wi-Fi.

Even though not all Hulu videos may be viewed offline, you can search for downloadable content by selecting the “Downloadable” option on the Hulu search page.

10. Host a watch party

Hulu Watch Parties are a fantastic way to stay in touch with distant friends or family. With Watch Parties, you can watch movies or TV series with friends on different devices simultaneously while discussing in a sidebar next to the video.

You must have the ad-free membership level of Hulu and be viewing in a web browser on your computer or tablet to start or join a Hulu Watch Party.


After more than ten years of improvements and growth, Hulu has emerged as one of the most well-liked and popular streaming services. Whatever you choose to watch on Hulu, you can count on a sizable library and an intuitive design that is constantly improving.

Additionally, if you’re debating a Hulu membership, the streaming service makes it simple to decide. Every service Hulu offers has a free trial that you may end whenever you choose.

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