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11 Things to Do on Paper When You’re Bored


Boredom can unleash your creativity but, at the same time, put you in a rut. Most of the time, it’s very hard to decipher how you can utilize your time the best. Instead of sitting there mindlessly scrolling on the phone, are there constructive ways to do something productive?

Well, there are things to do on paper when you’re bored. You can try origami, paint or even use it to make different types of paper art. Not only are they creative, but these ideas also allow you to recycle old paper and make something decorative.

In this article, we will highlight the top 11 things you can make using paper with some practical examples.

Fun Crafts to Make Out of Paper

When researching for some amazing ways to utilize paper for creative art, we managed to sort out the top 11 crafts that we think are fun to do.

1. Paper Butterflies

Who doesn’t love a beautiful and colorful paper butterfly as a craft project, right? They are fun and quite easy, provided you know the steps involved. These are dainty and chic and make a good addition to your origami collection.

The good thing about making paper butterflies is their simplicity. You don’t need glue or any accessory tool to make it. All you need access to is a sturdy and good-quality piece of paper.

This video explains the process of making the paper butterflies in detail.

2. Make Paper Flowers

Now, you can’t miss out on doing the staple and OG paper flowers when talking about paper crafts. They are easy to make and come in such wide varieties for you to choose from.

The good thing about making paper flowers is their versatility. You can use them to decorate your room, or you can stick them on top of a wrapped gift to add a layer of personal touch.

Since paper flowers need to hold their shape and not fall flat after making them, we recommend using hard-quality paper, so the petals stay upright.

You can find the easy tutorial for making paper flowers here.

3. Make Homemade Sticker

Who would’ve thought, right? But, you can make homemade stickers using some paper, tape and a pair of scissors. It’s fun, creative, and allows you to make quick stickers without needing to splurge out an additional amount of money.

You are mistaken if you thought you’d need access to a good-quality sticker machine for this. All you have to do is gather the basic items we mentioned and then get started, as explained in this video.

To be fair, there are a few different ways. We’d recommend you try out different techniques until you find the one that works the best for you.

4. Paper Orbs

Now, this is a little complicated to make. If you aren’t that well-versed with origami, you might have difficulty executing this one. However, we’d recommend you learn it from this explainer video. They depict all the steps individually, which is promising.

We recommend using some fancy craft paper if you make paper orbs. These will not just look great but also hold their shape once you are done folding and crafting them.

Avoid using normal paper from the notebooks. It won’t hold the shape as well once you are done making it.

5. 3D Paper Stars

Making 3D paper stars is convenient, especially around Christmas when you have to put them up all around the house. Instead of splurging out a lot of money, all you have to do is pick up some craft paper, glue, and scissor, and that’s it.

If you are unsure how to make 3D paper stars, this video should explain everything in detail. These stars also make a good addition to the room’s décor or as part of a gift wrap, making it quite a versatile option.

6. Paper Chain Snake

If you have kids in the house and want to indulge in sensory stimulation, making a paper chain snake is a fun way to do it. Not only will this keep your kid engaged, but it is also a more interactive toy for them to play with.

Also, if your kids are old enough, you can include them in the process, making the experience even more fun.

However, compared to the other paper crafts, this one is a bit more complicated and requires more persistence and work. You can follow the video for a detailed guide.

7. Make Paper Mache

Paper mache is a molding mixture generally made with soaked and pureed paper, water and glue. Once you have mixed everything and made a paste, the paper mache can be molded into different shapes or different shapes per one’s choice.

If you are considering doing something different, this is that one thing we’d highly recommend you do without any questions asked.

You can make masks and toys, mold them over other structures and then pain over them for an enhanced look. Here’s a quick tutorial you can follow to make paper mache.

8. Paper Chain Rainbow Wall Hanging

A rainbow to the room spruces the décor and makes it look more fun and vibrant. However, you can’t deny that making a paper chain rainbow wall hanging isn’t a joke. It involves skill and is a perfect project to take up if you are bored.

For making this wall hanging, you will need sturdy and good-quality craft paper in rainbow colors. You will also need a cylindrical stick, thread, etc., to provide shape and stability to the wall hanging.

Here’s a video that explains the steps in detail.

9. Paper Fan Wall Art

The fan wall art is a statement piece in most houses. They are so popular that you’d often find them around on the wall as aesthetic pieces. However, we’d recommend that you learn how to make them yourself to save your money in the long run.

Buying them from the market can be unreasonably priced, so why not make it yourself? Also, if you plan to add it as a décor piece in your home, we recommend sprucing things up using monochromatic color papers.

This video explains it all quite well.

10. Exploding Photo Memory Box

This one, in particular, was a trending gift item a few years back. However, the rave surrounding it is still lingering, much like the trend of creating an online memory book, you can also customize a memory box for your friends or family members.

Making the photo memory box is time-consuming and includes a lot of effort. So, you need to get into this project with that clear notion. However, besides the efforts, it is a fun leisure time activity that we think you can take up in your free time.

For a detailed explanation of the steps and the components, you’d need, follow this video here.

11. Folded Paper Bracelets

It’s not every day that you get to make your friends feel special. But, why not do it on special days like friendship days, birthdays, etc.?

If you want to surprise your friend or even someone close to you with a customized and hand-made gift, the folded paper bracelets make a good choice. They serve as a good memory of the efforts you put into a friendship. It can be made using simple origami techniques and a few strips of colored chart paper.

Here’s what you can do to make one for yourself at home.


Paper crafts are one of the most engaging and versatile ones you can get into. The options are quite diverse, be it origami, paper mache or other simpler ones. However, when you are bored and don’t know what to do, these are some creative ways to utilize your time. Just ensure that you have all the requirements on hand.

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