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5 Reasons Millennials Love THC-O Vape Pens


Despite the controversy surrounding vape pens and THC-O, millennials can’t seem to get enough of the combination. A Gallup poll from a few years back revealed that almost 10% of American adults regularly or occasionally vape. Millions of people have swapped tobacco cigarettes for vaporizers, and many users believe vaping is a healthier option.

As for marijuana, it is now fully legal in Canada, and more than one-third of American states permit its use amongst adults aged 21+. Indeed, approximately half of weed users in the U.S. are aged between 18 and 34.

THC-O is a trendy non-natural cannabinoid with about triple the potency of THC found in weed. For individuals interested in achieving an intoxicating high, THC-O is alluring, although it is potentially too potent for many users. 

Even so, products such as THC-O dual vape pens like this:, are flying off the shelves, with millennials the main buyers. Here are five reasons why they can’t resist a high-quality THC-O vape pen.

1 – Convenience

One thing about millennials is their love of convenience. Indeed, it is now seen as an expectation rather than a privilege. Why buy food at a supermarket when it can be delivered to your door? Why drive to work when you can do the same job from home?  Why go to bars to look for dates when you can swipe left or right at your leisure? 

In any case, a THC-O vape pen is incredibly easy to use. Brands now sell disposable versions which begin heating the THC-O oil as soon as you activate the device. Within seconds, you can enjoy THC-O-filled vapor. Furthermore, you can take a hit whenever you feel like it, although you should be wary of your locality’s laws regarding cannabinoids.

2 – Discretion

Unlike marijuana joints which produce a strong aroma, not to mention highly noticeable smoke, a THC-O vape pen produces a more subtle vapor. You don’t have to worry about clouds of smoke giving away that you’re enjoying a hit. Also, the scent only lingers for a few seconds before disappearing. As a bonus, there’s no foul-smelling smoke stuck to your clothes or furniture!

3 – Pleasant Flavor & Aroma

Speaking of flavor and aroma, you can buy THC-O vape pens in various options. For instance, PureKana’s dual pen option includes one pen with Super Sour Diesel and the other with Northern Lights.

There are other options where terpenes are added to the mix, providing a list of flavors ranging from sweet to sour and plenty of options in between! Users tend to genuinely enjoy the smell and taste of their THC-O vape pen and know there’s little chance of a coughing fit to boot!

4 – Portability

This benefit ties into #1 pretty well. Whatever THC-O vape pen you purchase, it should easily fit in your pocket or purse. Consequently, there’s no reason why you can’t bring it with you while traveling around your town. Depending on the device, you can quickly take it out, have a hit in a few seconds, then place it back out of sight. Vape pens are small, discreet, light, and easy to transport. 

However, please note that you could get in trouble with law enforcement in certain jurisdictions. If you travel outside your town, check the laws of the place you plan to visit.

5 – Effects

Ultimately, Millennials love the THC-O vape pen because of the potency of the high it provides. Remember, THC-O is approximately three times as potent as the delta-9-THC found in marijuana. According to many users, this cannabinoid can lead to an almost psychedelic high, with the potential for hallucinogenic effects. Furthermore, as the substance is being vaped, the onset of the effects is significantly faster than when you use edibles or tinctures.

This sounds like an exciting experience if you’re a regular THC user. However, THC-O novices or individuals with low THC tolerances should think twice about using this cannabinoid. Its high may prove overwhelming and unpleasant; this is also the case if you overindulge, regardless of your THC tolerance. 

When using a THC-O vape pen, consume only a tiny amount first to gauge its effects. 

Final Thoughts on Why Millennials Love THC-O Vape Pens

Ultimately, smoking marijuana remains a popular pursuit amongst weed lovers of all ages. However, Millennials seem to be gravitating towards new consumption methods. One of the trendiest is the use of a THC-O vape pen. It provides a strong intoxicating high, the effects are apparent quickly, and such products usually taste great. Vape pens are convenient, portable, and discreet. 

Yet, you should look into the laws surrounding THC-O where you live to ensure it is legal to use. 

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