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6 Ways to Save Money Without Missing Out on Anything


We’re all encouraged to save money, but that usually means making sacrifices. So what if you’d prefer to keep enjoying your life in the manner to which you’ve become accustomed, but you’d also like to put aside a bit more cash from your paycheck?

Fear not, as we’ve gathered together some money-saving solutions that won’t mean compromising your day to day experiences!

Slash unnecessary expenses

There are lots of ways to manage your money, but one of the most important parts of personal finance is recognizing waste and eliminating it.

We’re not talking about holding off on those little luxuries that you enjoy, but rather about scouring your outgoings to see if there are places where you’re literally throwing money away for no reason.

Unused gym memberships are a great example of this, as are video streaming subscriptions that you haven’t taken advantage of since that one must-watch show you binged a few months back.

Find a cheaper car insurance deal

Insuring a car is a bit of a money pit for many motorists. Thankfully with modern comparison tools like Cheap Insurance available, you can source cheap car insurance quotes from a range of reputable providers.

All it takes is a few minutes to provide your personal info, and comparison sites will do the rest. You could save hundreds or even thousands, without needing to switch to a more sensible car or cut down on your mileage each year.

Pay into your savings account automatically

If you’re having to manually choose to transfer cash to your savings pot then this leaves you with the temptation to go overboard and just spend it on a treat today, rather than letting it accumulate for later.

Anyone who can’t trust themselves when payday arrives should implement an automated savings deposit solution that kicks in just after you receive your income injection each month.

This is also a great way of avoiding buyer’s remorse. Just remember that the type of savings account you pay into will impact how quickly you can withdraw money when you need it.


Every home is packed with personal belongings that just sit there gathering dust. If you’ve got an old games console that you’ve not turned on in years, a smartphone that you’ve replaced with a newer model, or a wardrobe full of outfits you never wear, decluttering is the obvious answer.

With online services like eBay and Facebook Marketplace you can sell your unwanted items to others with ease. That way you’ll have more storage space available, and more money in your pocket as well.

Repair rather than replacing

If you’re an eco-conscious individual and you also want to save money, then choosing to repair items that are damaged, instead of buying a new equivalent, should be a priority.

Whether you do this yourself or you pay a professional instead, it can make a big difference. For example, if your smartphone screen gets cracked, having a local repair shop fix this component instead of you getting your carrier to supply an entirely new model will be cheaper in the long run.

Use libraries

Libraries are an invaluable resource, and it is far more frugal to take out books you want to read from your nearest literature repository rather than paying full price for your own personal copy.

This is really a tip that should help guide the rest of your money-saving efforts. There are always different ways to access the things you want, which are more affordable and don’t involve cutting corners. Think outside the box and who knows what you’ll find.

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