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A Quick and Effective Guide for Safe Driving In Germany


Let’s agree on this, Germany’s roads are well-developed and the popular Autobahn to scenic routes makes the thrill of driving around Germany, a complete pleasure. Before you hit on the road to begin this adventurous chapter, make sure to know about all the significant rules and regulations & tips to have a hassle-free experience.

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We have enlisted some of the most common to important things you need to know before hitting the road in Germany. Read below to know all about it:

The Driving Requirements:

This won’t come as a surprise to know that you can drive around in Germany if you are 18 years old. However, 17-year-olds can also drive but they must carry an older license all the time.

Bonus Tip: Always carry your license with you at all costs. The official authorities do verify the International Driver’s Permit but it is not mandatory.

Moreover, the Germans never step out without essential car tools. There are some basic items that you must carry at all times. For instance, during winters, snow chains or snow tires are obligatory!

The Basic Checklist:

  • The U.S Driver’s License (mandatory)
  • IDP-International Driver’s Permit (suggested)
  • ID/Passport (mandatory)
  • Insurance Proof. (Mandatory)
  • The warning triangle (required in all automobiles, four wheels or more)
  • Beam deflectors or manual headlights (mandatory)
  • First aid kit (mandatory)

Remember these Rules:

We have tried to shed the light on some significant rules without telling you every single travel law written in Germany.

I.      Say no to Alcohol:

Yes, it comes as no surprise. We know! But if you don’t want to be in hot waters then you shouldn’t ignore this one at all costs! The rule remains the same: Don’t drink and drive in Germany.

Be aware that the alcohol limit is 0.5 grams per liter. If you violate the law then be ready to face serious consequences. You might lose your driving license. Keep in mind that the punishment for violating this law is far stricter than it is in the U.S.

II.      Seat Belts:

Do not compromise on this one!

It is obligatory to wear your seat belt at all times even if you are sitting in the back seat. Yep, you can’t mess around with the law!

III.      Driving with the kids:

The kids at the age of twelve are required to sit in the backseat. The kids under the age of three must use a child’s safety seat and the babies are required to ride in car seats.

IV.      Beware of the Speed Limits:

Driving around Germany can either be the biggest adventure or a great curse. So, if you don’t want to be in any trouble then it is important to know about the speed limits.

The normal speed limit across Germany is 50 km per hour. However, the speed limit in the residential area is 30 kph. Additionally, you can drive at 100 kph and not exceed the speed limit.

V.      No Phone Rule:

You should not text or talk on a phone call while driving around in Germany. But you are allowed to use a hands-free device to avoid any trouble.

VI.      Keep to the Right:

You should always remember driving is done on the right side of the road. The drivers cannot turn right at red lights. Always drive on the right side and not on the left, particularly on the Autobahn. Even the traffic in a roundabout has the right of way! The drivers must look out for directional indications before leaving out roundabout.

VII.      Park on the right Side:

You can park the car on the right side only. If you don’t want your car to be towed then you better park your car on the right side only.

The Road Conditions:

It is not a hidden fact that roads are well-developed throughout Germany. They connect to each corner of the country easily. The drivers are always following the rules. Therefore, the chances of any mishaps are less likely to happen.

Driving On Autobahn:

The driving rules of Autobahn have their own set of unique rules and customs.

·      Speed Limit:

We all know that there is no speed limit on the Autobahn. But in reality, the recommended speed is up to 130 kph. You should also be aware of the speed limits around construction areas to traffic zones. Otherwise, you might have to pay for an expensive ticket.

·      Keep Rearview Mirror:

Before making a turn, make sure to keep an eye in the rearview mirror. Moreover, if a car approaches you while flashing its light then it means to ‘’get out of the way’’. Simply, move to the right!

·      Stopping is illegal:

When you are driving on Autobahn then you can’t stop! Why is that so?

This action is considered illegal as you are not allowed to stop, take a U-turn or even back up.

Know the Street Signs:

You will come across the below-mentioned street signs in Germany. Therefore, take a good look at these signs to ensure a stress-free experience while driving around in Germany.

Typical Signs:

•           Umleitung: Detour

•           Tankstelle: Gas station

•           Parkhaus: Parking garage

•           Parken verboten: Parking is forbidden

•           Einbahnstraße: A one-way street

•           Benzin: Gas

•           Ausfahrt: Exit

It is quite an exciting experience. You only have to follow certain rules and regulations. In case, you require any spare parts for car service then contact Kfzteile24 services. Furthermore, you can apply Kfzteile24 Gutscheincode to reduce the prices of your online order.

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