ARIES-YEARLYAsk anybody about their favorite zodiac sign and they will all say that the best is their own and probably one other sign, their partner’s or other loved one’s. Our opinion is based on our own dealings with all signs.

Naturally, all zodiac signs have positive and negative traits. There are pros and cons to all astrological sign traits, but if you had to pick one, what would it be?

There really is no way of settling the argument and also not all people are going to have every trait of their sun sign.

But let’s see now why we love the energetic Aries (March 21 – April 20)!

Lets start with the 1st reason…

1. Ambitious

People born under this sign are goal oriented and they strive to succeed in all that they do. Aries are highly ambitious individuals, they don’t quit until they make all their dreams and goals come true!

They always want to be first and they do everything to follow through on every project they undertake. Aries hardly ever give up, they are winners, not quitters.