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Top 10 Ultimate Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Some things are super easy, but not many of us would ever think of them. For that reason, we are here to reveal that little beauty hacks that you will be thankful to know. They will help you to speed up your beauty routine, make things last longer, or just find a shortcut to every complicated process that is just too much to handle.

Whatever you are looking for, we are sure that this article will help you, ladies, a lot, and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this. We are curious if you are using some beauty hacks that save your life. Are they some of them listed below, or are they something that you came up with? Share your experience with us!

Lavender and Eye Drops in Dried Mascara



We all know that makeup has an expiring date, and especially the mascara because it goes straight to your eyes and can cause many infections, but if it dries after a month or two after buying, you don’t need to throw it away. 2 or 3 drops of eye drops can make it same as new. And if you want to give your lashes a healthy treatment while you apply mascara, we suggest adding 2 drops of lavender essential oil; that way, your eyelashes will be protected and will grow longer and fuller, and at the same time, the oil will prevent the mascara mixing of becoming too liquid.

Set Your Lipstick



To set your lipstick and make it last all day, we recommend putting one thin piece of tissue paper above the lipstick, and with a fluffy brush, go over it with translucent powder. That way, the lipstick will last much longer than usual.

Mascara and Bobby Pin as an Eyeliner



When you run out of eyeliner, and you are in a hurry and can’t buy another one, we have one tip to save in your sleeve. Take one bobby pin and put it inside your mascara, and use the sharp tip as a liner. The mascara will dry out and will look exactly like eyeliner.

Check Makeup on Daylight



If you are doing daily makeup, it is important to check it in the daylight before going out. Because the sunlight and the light from the bulb in your home are different, and you can’t spot all the imperfections like too much powder, not blended eyeshadow, and other little details that will make you look unnatural.

Amazing Business Card Uses



Ass you can see while you do your makeup, you should have your business card in hand. To make perfect eyeliner, contour, shape the brows, and use it to apply tidy mascara.

Stick Finger in Your Mouth After Applying Lipstick



This amazing trick will save your teeth from becoming red! After you apply your lipstick, stick your clean finger in your mouth, and pull it out. All the excess product will stick on your finger.

Heat Eyelash Curler



You use heat to curl your hair, so, logically, you need heat to curl your lashes too! Before curling with the eyelash curler, heat it with your blow dryer, or just stick it in your brow while you do your makeup, and heat it with your body heat.

Scotch Tape for Eyeshadow



Use scotch tape to make your eyeshadow look perfect. It is not impossible to get that line without tape, but it sure is very hard. So why make things complicated when they can be pretty simple, right?

Toilet Seat Covers for Oily Skin



If you are one of those that have oily skin and don’t know how to handle it, we have an amazing solution for you. Find some clean toilet seat covers and cut them into little pieces. Whenever you feel the need to clean your face from the grease, take them out from your purse and just pat them on your skin.

Transform Your Usual Lip Gloss in Pucker Plumper



Why not give your lip gloss another feature besides only making shine on your lips? With few drops of peppermint and cinnamon oil, you will get that plucking effect, and your lips will get that tingling that makes your lips bigger in a natural way.

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