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Top 10 Best Family Dogs for Kids

If you want a furry little one to fulfill your family, some specific dog breeds are more adequate. We present you the TOP 10 Best Dogs for Kids!

Every dog breed has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are better for outdoors; others need lots of daily activities and a lot of care and dedication. One thing is clear, though.

From every single dog, you get unconditional love and affection. You’ll get the best-est friend you’ve ever had. The story is different if you are a parent and have one or more kiddos around the house. Then you need to choose wisely; these are the best dogs for kids.

10. Bulldog



The great advantage of bulldogs? They’re sturdy, so they can take anything that rambunctious kids throw at them, while they’re not very energetic. Result? A dog that will put up with a lot. They’re also not picky about where they live, so both small apartments and large houses are fine.

9. Newfoundland



Don’t let their size be intimidating; these gentle giants are wonderful family dogs. Referred to as a workhorse, this dog would love nothing more than to pull around the kiddos in a sled on the snow. Nana, from the story of Peter Pan, was a Newfie.

8. American Staffordshire Terrier



Extremely loyal, this breed loves nothing more than to be part of a family. At the turn of the 20th century, the Staffordshire Terrier was the number one family dog in the country and was the poster dog for WWI.

7. Golden Retriever – The Best Family Dog


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Active, energetic, and friendly are just a few words to describe one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Goldens are intelligent, eager to please, and love to play and run with children. The “Buddy” franchise movies aid in keeping the Golden Retriever a popular choice among families.

6. Dogue de Bordeaux



If an owner can get past the drooling nature of this lovable breed, the Dogue de Bordeaux sports a calm temperament, is loyal to its pack, and affectionate to a fault. Gentle with the children, this French Mastiff will also be protective of the family it loves.

5. Dalmatian



People-oriented and lover of fun and play, the spotted Dalmatian would be an incredible addition to any family. Energetic, this breed loves to run with the kids all day long and snuggle with them at night. If the home includes horses, even better, the Dalmatian has a symbiotic relationship with horses.

4. Labrador Retriever



Another popular breed is the Labrador Retriever. This eager to please breed is bouncy and enjoys playing with her pack members. She loves to swim and frolic in the water or on the land. Parents would benefit from a Labrador’s athletic tendencies; she would wear the children out faster.

3. Old English Sheepdog


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This working dog is considered affectionate and loving, although there may be an instinct to herd its family; this might not be so bad if the kiddos are running late for school. The AKC described this breed as athletic filled with clownish energy.

2. Mastiff



This good-natured giant bonds instantly with its family and loves to be around its people. Gentle with children, this breed makes an ideal family pet. When he feels his pack is threatened, a Mastiff will most likely knock an intruder to the ground and lay on them until assistance arrives.

1. Boxer – The Best Dog for Kids



One of the Boxers’ most distinctive qualities is its love for children. They are a people-oriented breed and prefer to have their pack close by. Energetic and affectionate, the Boxer needs to have plenty of exercises and playful interaction.

Bonus choice: Mutts!



Don’t forget about mixed breeds! Make it a family event to go to a shelter and pick a loving, loyal family mutt! Just remember that in general, mid to large-size mixed breed is a much better fit for families with children.

21 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Family Dogs for Kids”

  1. How come I NEVER see Great Pyrenees in these posts? They are the best with families. As a matter of fact, the Newfoundland is a cross between, a Mastiff and Great Pyrenees. You could not get a better dog ( except maybe a Golden Retriever, or Lab) for a family with kids, friends, balls, lawn furniture, etc. Thanks, Just had to express my opinion.

    • This is absolutely untrue. Newfoundlands are not a cross breed at all. Their origins were as ship dogs, not mountain dogs at all.

    • I agree my boxer loves children my gran kids sits on her goes to sleep with them they are such a gentel breed she goes every where with them

      • Nana from Peter Pan really is a St. Bernard, I just looked it up. If you don’t believe me, Just look it up yourself. Sorry, Ann, you’re wrong.

        • No, she was the Nana the Nana the Newfoundland Landeer. Only Landeer because the ones with white are considered Landeers. I raise them. You need to watch Peter Pan again.

        • Swing and a miss! Definitely a landseer Nefowndland. Don’t believe evrything you read! Besides, St, Bernards don’t occur in that coloration.

    • Boxers hands down. 100%. Although my boy is a boxer/puggle mix, I’ve had purebreds and they are amazing with kids, and everyone in general. I know people that have said they “don’t like dogs” and my boy has completely changed their mind. He literally LOVES food, but when my niece was eating cheese puffs and sneaking him some, she’d put it half way in his mouth and he’d very slowly go to bite it and take it from her but then she’d pull it out of his mouth, and just laugh . He just sat and looked at her, not phased at all. ****and before anyone comes at me, she was only 2, & has been taught to not do things like this because dogs are to be treated with respect and gently, and not all dogs are going to act like that. Once you have a boxer – you’ll never go back. They are the most loyal, loving, intuitive, and the best friend you will ever have.

  2. I agree with Milly. I own a boxer and it is the best of the best. Boxers are amazing, and the best I’ve had out of 6 different breeds of dogs. However, I disagree with Susan Bewley because she says that ANY well trained dog is well with children, but that is definitely a myth. Some dogs bite, some dogs don’t really like to be pet, and some just like to sleep. Children don’t like that. In my opinion, if you are getting a dog for you and your kids, get a Boxer.

  3. Any breed is a great dog if trained and socialized from the get- go. Just have to know what’s best to fit your life style.. Apartment , house, energy level, shedding or non- shedding…

  4. Beagles are known world-wide as a family/children breed. Why do you think Charles Schultz (Peanuts) made Snoopy a Beagle? Beagles are the most gentle of dogs – UNLIKE MANY of those listed. There’s a reason they have historically been within the top 4 favorite breeds in America.
    Who wrote this crap anyway?

  5. How come Cocker Spaniels isn’t on the list ? My big baby loves kids and people in general, especially if they have treats. Lol

  6. Boxers, boxers, boxers! Our grand dog is so special. Wonderful with our young grandchildren, and with their even younger 16 mo. old cousins that she spent a week with, and had never known before. She will immediately drop a toy for them, but we have to chase her to get her to give up her toys. (Boxers are wide receivers, not retrievers.) Gentle, loyal, and lovable. Short-haired, so not big shedders.

  7. I’m a Boxer Mom, So I’m gonna have to stick with Boxers… Fun loving, medium to high energy, also make great couch potatoes when needed… Got to be one of the most loyal breeds I’ve owned…. we’ve had cockers, Dobermans, aussies, and now Boxers they take first place in our hearts. Our other breeds have been great family members but there’s nothing like being owned by a Boxer

  8. Bernese Mountain Dogs are amazing with kids and old people… they are one of the best family dogs there are! Of course my lab is too!!!!! And I do agree with a previous response that training is key…. but still think of Bernese Mountain Dogs as a gentle giant and you definitely can not get any cuter!!!!


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