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CBG and Mental Focus: Top 4 Things You Should Know

Do you ever find yourself feeling exhausted and beaten down, or that concentrating on work is more difficult than usual? It’s hard not to feel that way these days – we are collectively still trying to make our way through a difficult pandemic that seemingly has no end in sight, and there is a lot of grief and anxiety everywhere you look.

Focusing on work and being productive just doesn’t come naturally to most of us anymore, and there’s no use beating ourselves up about it. Luckily, we have things like CBG to help. You’ve probably heard a bit about CBG but you’re not sure how it can help you regain and maintain your focus. This article will walk you through all the basic details you need to know.


1.  Forget CBD

CBG often gets confused with CBD, which is frustrating for many who are looking for some clarity on the respective usages for each one. The main thing to get out of the way is that CBD is known for its calming properties, whereas CBG is not even remotely a sedative. CBG is the common name for cannabigerol, and it provides an energy boost much in the same way as drinking a cup of coffee or eating a piece of fruit. It’s the go-to for people who have had a restless night of sleep, or who need an afternoon pick me up.

2.  Increased Alertness

As such, CBG imparts a feeling of alertness and increased focus, which is quite different from what CBD does. This is because CBG is classified as a neuroprotectant, and helps to support a healthy inflammatory system. It has been shown that taking energy gummies sharpens focus and strengthens memory, which is helpful to anyone struggling with constant distractions or who has trouble getting a good night’s sleep. In addition, a healthy inflammatory system is good for supporting the growth of new brain cells, which you definitely need in order to feel more focused.

3.  Coffee without the Nasty Side Effects

CBG doesn’t leave your stomach feeling icky in the same way that copious amounts of coffee would. So, for people with sensitive digestive systems, it makes more sense to turn to things like CBG since the physical effects mimic that of caffeine-filled drinks like coffee, but without the unsavory fallout that tends to linger. Of course, always check in with your physician first, but all in all, CBG seems to help people maintain greater focus without the usual trouble that comes with traditional energy drinks or coffee.

4.  Using CBG

As briefly mentioned earlier, CBG can be taken in the form of energy gummies. They can also be taken as chewing gum, tablets, softgels, or even a tincture if that seems more comfortable to you. The fact that it can be consumed in different ways makes it easier for more people to tap into the numerous benefits since they are sure to find a method of consumption that is best suited to them. So, you can harness the strengths of cannabis and ensure that you feel more alert and energetic during the day, but without having to take it in the complicated form of, say, a shake or anything else that you wouldn’t be able to simply have on the go.


CBG is definitely helpful in improving focus, but it’s not limited to that. It offers other benefits like helping you maintain a healthy appetite, and providing you with an avenue to destress without getting drowsy. Despite these benefits,  there are also a few side effects, so ensure you talk to your doctor before taking CBG just to be on the safe side. All in all, it is a healthy and arguably less toxic version of so many of the energy drinks available on the market these days.

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