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13 Famous Celebrities With Bad Teeth

While there is no denying that having straight teeth is something to strive for, a flawless smile is not for everyone. Several superstars in Hollywood have gapped or crooked teeth. 

Because of this, many celebrities are reluctant to show off their less-than-perfect smiles; in fact, many have had their smiles changed and made more beautiful through orthodontics and dentistry. Celebrity crooked grins are also endearing.

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Despite working in a world obsessed with picture-perfect pictures, many celebrities adhere to their beauty standards, which appear to be fresh air. 

Some claim that having gaps in their teeth or misaligned chompers helped them get more gigs. In this article, you will learn about such celebrities with bad teeth who chose to own it!! 

13 Famous Celebrities With Bad Teeth

1. Kirsten Dunst 


Kirsten Dunst started in Interview with the Vampire at 12, alongside Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, but she didn’t have to wear any vampire makeup because of her teeth. She said she loved her snaggle fangs. They offer her a different look and personality in a sexy way. 

2. Vanessa Paradis 


Vanessa Paradis, a French actress and singer, never tries to hide her dental gaps. Instead, she made this flaw into a fashion statement.

3. Jewel


She proved that even a  person with traditionally different teeth can become a singer. Jewel is an excellent example and role model for women her age. When she agreed to play the late June Carter, she wore artificial teeth and did not have actual dental treatment to correct them.

4. Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp has white teeth. Therefore, he attempts to distort his already crooked smile. After filming “Pirates of the Caribbean,” the actor refused to give up Captain Jack Sparrow’s mental teeth. To keep his individuality, he opted to put on grills.

5. Lara Stone 


Lara Stone’s crooked teeth propelled her to modeling success and triggered a change in the quest for “pearly whites.”

6. 50 Cent


For years, well-known rapper 50 Cent sang and behaved while missing two front teeth. After a fellow rapper made fun of him, he resolved to rectify some problems. He retained the gap in his teeth but enlarged them to match the rest of his mouth.

7. Anna Paquin


While many celebrities get their teeth fixed, Anna Paquin does not appear interested in fixing her teeth. Her dental gap widens as she grows older.

8. Ricky Gervais 


When Gervais promoted his picture Ghost Town, an American journalist inquired about his “horrible-looking fake” teeth. Many directors were shocked that he had such dreadful, genuine teeth. Gervais has previously stated that his dental inspiration was David Bowie; in an interview with Bowie for the Observer in 2003, he stated, “One of the reasons I never worried about having crooked teeth was because they were just like yours.” Then you finished yours.

9. Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise’s first part was in “The Outsiders,” and his appearance was ideal for the character of greaser Steve Randle. He modified his appearance after the film, beginning with repairing his discolored and out-of-alignment teeth.

10. Madonna


Others, such as Lauren Hutton and Brigitte Bardot, have had diastema (the official term for a gap between one’s teeth) as a striking feature of their look, but Madonna’s refusal to have hers “fixed” brought gap teeth – and the idea of embracing one’s uniqueness – to the mainstream.

11. Kate Moss


Moss’ teeth have been described as “gangly,” yet her jagged small teeth have always been a part of her edgy attractiveness. 

She wouldn’t be half as rock’n’roll if she gave in to the urge to make her grin more attractive. She also pioneered the path for other models with unconventional teeth, such as Lara Stone.

12. Steve Buscemi


Diverging from this feels like a daring move in a country and business where straight, white, just-the-right-number-for-your-mouth teeth are the norm. Buscemi is frequently named at the top of lists of people with bad teeth in the industry, yet it’s difficult to envision the actor without his distinctive smile. 

He had dentists check his teeth, but nothing ever worked out for him. 

13. Keira Knightley


Contemporary actress Keira Knightley feels that every smile is unique. Hence, she never got her uneven bite corrected. 

Producers were unconcerned with the actress’s crooked teeth. But Kira’s talent and charisma continued to land her roles in the top films.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, not all of us are born with flawless teeth, and the situation does not improve as we develop. 

Generally, straight teeth might become terrible overnight due to various issues, such as an impacted wisdom tooth. As a result, numerous cosmetic dentists provide teeth-improvement services ranging from tooth whitening to veneers and braces.

Hollywood stars routinely use cosmetic dentistry to make their famous teeth shine on the red carpet.

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