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14 Famous Celebrities with Noonan Syndrome: Inspiring Journeys

The world of celebrities is not just about flamboyance and glamor. Sometimes, celebrities struggle with things that most of us are unaware of. 

One such struggle is Noonan syndrome, which we are unaware of. Many celebrities suffer in vain while our gaze is focused on their looks. This blog will list 14 celebrities you didn’t know had Noonan Syndrome. 

14 Famous Celebrities with Noonan Syndrome

Kacey Montoya


Kacey Montoya was born in Orange County, California, on June 4, 1981. She is an American television news reporter and anchor. She was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome at a very young age. She bravely shared her own experience with the disorder to encourage others.

Instagram: @kaceymontoya

Amaya Brecher 


She was born on September 17, 1977, in San Francisco, California, USA. She is a former model and won several modeling contests. 

She has been quite vocal about her Turner Syndrome on the ‘America’s Top Model’ sets. We can only admire her bravery!!

Instagram: @amayahawaii

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Sabrina Bryan


She is a well-known dancer and actress and is mostly known for her achievements in singing. Sabrina was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome when she was a child. She has since struggled and has been an outspoken supporter of the people suffering from the same. 

Instagram: @sabrina.bryan

Natasha Hamilton


Natasha Hamilton, a well-known English singer and stage performer, also suffers from  Noonan syndrome. She has bluntly talked about her struggles with Noonan Syndrome. She bravely fought it all and is now one of the top-most stars in the industry. 

Instagram: @natashahamilton

Dominique Moceanu


Dominique was born on September 30, 1981, in Hollywood, California, in the United States. She is a former Olympic gymnast who silently suffered from Noonan syndrome. 

At 13, she became the first gymnast to win the senior all-around championship. And has been unstoppable since then. 

Instagram: @dominiquemoceanu

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Saoirse Ronan


Saoirse Ronan is an accomplished Irish actress. She rose to prominence after appearing in the films The Grand Budapest Hotel and Lady Bird. At 13, she got her first Academy Award nomination for Atonement. She later received two more Academy Award nominations and three Golden Globe nods.

Many reports suggest that she is suffering from Noonan disease but that didn’t stop her from making it big in life!! 

Nicole Scherzinger


Who doesn’t know Nicole Scherzinger?  She is the most celebrated personality on reality shows. Sadly, she was diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome, but we are glad she didn’t stop and still kept making big in her career. 

Instagram: @nicolescherzinger

Sarah Chalke


Sarah Chalke was born on August 27, 1976 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A former model and actress from Canada, her story is inspiring!!. 

She has starred in multiple movies and TV shows despite her continuous suffering!! We give her more power, and her journey inspires us all!! 

Instagram: @sarahchalke

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Natalie Gublis


Natalie Gulbis was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome when she was 12 years old. She is a professional golfer from California and one of the most notable faces on this list. 

She is one of the most successful American golfers to make it to the big leagues despite her problems!! 

Instagram: @nataliegulbis

Mariska Hargitay


Another celebrity who suffers from Noonan Syndrome is Mariska Hargitay Magdolna, who was born on January 23, 1964, in Los Angeles, California. She is a former actress but doesn’t shy away from talking about the struggles she had to face. 

Instagram: @therealmariskahargitay

Jessica Alba


Sadly enough, Jessica Alba is on the list too. Who knew she had Noonan Syndrome when she always carried herself with grace and dignity? 

She is a very popular actress and has acted in several different movies. Her career started at a fairly young age, and she has achieved super stardom. 

Instagram: @jessicaalba

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Janette Krankie 


Who needs to remember her roles in Kranky Klubs? She is well-liked and remembered by us all. Although hugely successful, Noonan syndrome stopped her from being tall. But regardless, everyone loves her and hopes for her to achieve more in her career. 

Missy Marlowe

A model, champion gymnast, and eloquent all-around. Missy Marlowe has everything needed to become a world-famous celebrity. She didn’t let Noonan Syndrome stop her from having a successful career. She is the perfect example of the saying ‘success needs no boundaries’.

Linda Hunt


One of the most popular actresses to walk the hall of fame. She has had several notable films and achieved significant career feats. Despite the Noonan Syndrome, she has won 13 honorable awards. Her success adds to her overall charming personality. 

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Final Thoughts

We are through with the list of celebrities suffering from Noonan syndrome. As you can see, they have all achieved big in life despite all their struggles; they now sit atop their career. This is all because they didn’t let the Noonan syndrome affect their mental strength. 

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