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10 Famous Celebrities with Herpes [2023]

Media portrayal of celebrities makes us think they are invincible and this perfect caricature of what a human should look like. What we tend to forget is that they are humans too. So, noticing them with more than common diseases like herpes needs to be normalized.

Instead of putting celebrities on a pedestal, we must understand that nobody is perfect. Furthermore, the herpes simplex virus is one of the most common viral infections. They lead to painful blisters on the skin, and the infection is often lifelong. The symptoms either go dormant and recur after a few months or years.

This article will explore the top 10 celebrities with Herpes in 2023 that you should be aware of.

Famous Celebrities with Herpes

Before discussing the top celebrities with herpes, remember that it’s a fairly common infection. Although communicable, the symptoms can be contained and treated over time.

Discussing herpes openly breaks down the stigma surrounding the disease, especially in the entertainment world, where everything seems too good to be true.

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1. Joshua Jackson gave it to Katie Holmes



Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes are known for their roles in Dawson’s Creek. But what put them under the scrutiny of people is their off-screen romance. Although the couple has gone through many ups and downs in their relationship, they have managed to stick together to give “couple goals” to many of their fans. However, controversies upheaved when news broke out that Joshua Jackson gave herpes to Katie Holmes. Neither of the parties has commented on the speculation.

2. Kim Kardashian



Kim Kardashian is an online personality and businesswoman who often makes recurring presents in the media for her controversies. Although she is known for her tumultuous love life, she has also been on the news for supposedly giving herpes to one of her exes – Kris Humphries. There is no confirmation of these rumors, though.

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3. Rihanna



Like most celebrities, even Rihanna isn’t immune to the herpes controversies. Although there isn’t any photographic evidence of the singer and businesswoman sporting herpes sores, she has gotten herself tangled in some controversies. One of the biggest ones was related to her brand, Fenty Beauty when a customer claimed that she got herpes after using one of their lipsticks.

4. David & Victoria Beckham



Finding confirmation or discourse about world-famous celebrities with herpes disease is impossible. The same applies to David & Victoria Beckham as well. Although rumors milled that the ex-footballer might be suffering from herpes, there is no confirmation of the news. The same applies to his wife, Posh Spice, and Victoria Beckham. Although she has stepped out and gotten papped sporting cold sores, there is no confirmation about her having herpes or not.

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5. Chris Brown



Chris Brown often makes headlines being part of multiple controversies. However, the singer and rapper allegedly reported that Rihanna gave him herpes disease. The news made the rounds across multiple media outlets, but there were no further confirmations or updates. According to the rumors, Chris Brown claimed that Rihanna gave him genital herpes.

6. Jessica Alba Genital Herpes from Derek Jeter



Despite their dating rumors, which came out in 2007, there were a lot of speculations and controversies. One of the biggest news that broke out about the two was that Jessica Alba contracted genital herpes from Derek Jeter. Again, there was no confirmation or further reports on the case, and the rumors fizzled soon after.

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7. Usher



When you look up Usher and herpes disease, you will be bombarded with various lawsuits. Although there have been a lot of complications and alleged rumors around the condition, Usher had to fight in a lawsuit at the Georgia Court filed by Laura Helm. The lawsuit extended for quite a long but was eventually resolved.

8. David Hasselhoff



Although David Hasselhoff has now become a punchline for the younger generation, he is known for his immaculate acting skills and the roles he has partaken in. However, the fame came with its share of controversies, including the rumor (or potential news) that the actor had genital herpes. No confirmation has come out from his end.

9. Dennis Rodman



There aren’t many media outlets covering information about Dennis Rodman potentially having herpes. However, in 1995, an Atlanta Hawks cheerleader claimed that Rodman infected her with the herpes virus. According to the reports, the same was transmitted via sexual contact, creating a lot of buzz in the news.

10. Michael Vick



Multiple news reports have highlighted the possibility that the famous and former American quarterback, Michael Vick, gave a woman STD, potentially herpes. The lawsuit claimed the same, suggesting that the footballer knowingly gave her the infection. There have been no further reports on this case, though. In a civil lawsuit in 2003, Vick’s former girlfriend claimed that Vick gave her genital herpes.


These are just a handful of celebrities who either have herpes or have been in the news for lawsuits and rumors surrounding the herpes virus. However, you must understand that these are just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds and thousands of other celebrities either have herpes and don’t discuss it in public or muddle down the rumors surrounding the situation.

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